Bob’s Schedule

Mastering Travel Photography

A  National Geographic Traveler  travel photo seminar with Bob Krist and Ralph Lee Hopkins

10/12/14, 9am-1pm.  in Atlanta, Georgia

Great travel photography requires a command of many skills—from close-up portraits, candid shots, street photography of festivals and celebrations, architecture and cityscapes, landscapes, nature, and more. Photographers Ralph Lee Hopkins and Bob Krist will show you how versatility can improve your travel photos, while you develop an eye for composition and a feel for being in the right place at the right time.

Topics Covered

Understanding the Elements of Travel Photography
Go behind-the-scenes to see recent photo assignments of our pros who will share the elements needed in a travel story. Hear tips on photographing people, architecture, festivals, landscapes, and cityscapes.

Improving the Quality of Your Travel Images
Our experts will demystify the technicalities—shooting modes, exposure, histograms, flash, tripods—so you can take full advantage of your camera and maximize the impact of your images. Get shooting tips for color, composition and sense of scale, weather challenges, time of day, and the power of moment.

Making Effective Use of Your Flash
Understand fill flash, bounce flash, off-camera flash, slow sync, and multiple flash.

On the Road
The equipment travel photographers take on the road has changed. With digital cameras come battery chargers, cables, memory cards, and portable storage devices. Hear what to pack when you’re traveling and how to edit and organize your work flow.

Sharing Your Images
Digital photography and the Internet give you more options than ever to share your travel photos with friends, family, or prospective publishers. Learn shortcuts for sharing your images on the Web, creating digital slideshows, and for adding sound to your presentations.


Day of the Dead in Oaxaca

A multi-media  travel photo workshop with Bob Krist and Richard Ellis

10/27/14 –11/05/14  in Oaxaca Mexico

National Amazing ten day journey exploring the magical festival “Dia de los Muertos” or Day of the Dead in beautiful Oaxaca, Mexico. You will experience the festival under the guidance of legendary travel photographer and workshop guru Bob Krist, three-time Pulitzer Prize nominated photojournalist Richard Ellis and award winning multimedia photographer Ricardo Lopez as you explore Oaxaca as they would on assignment for a magazine. This hands on ten-day workshop includes a behind the scenes experience far beyond what tourists would ever see including visiting ancient cemeteries where villagers continue the ancient tradition of cleaning and decorating the tombs of their ancestors and then celebrate with all night parties and vigils, costumed processions known as comparsa – carnival like processions of people in costumes, with music and dancing through the tiny streets of mountain village. You will visit ancient markets and and workshops where families prepare traditional crafts and foods to celebrate this important festival. Special photo sessions will be arranged with costumed models in historic locations including a ten piece mariachi band.

A variety of photo opportunities will be available daily but participants can take part at the own pace. This is a photo tour and learning workshop with each student given ample opportunities to experience an intensive learning experience or a slower more leisurely journey. We provide everything you need to have a once in a lifetime opportunity including hotel, most meals, special access, English & Spanish speaking guides, ground transportation and the expert guidence of three top international photographers who will guide and assist you to get the most out of this amazing journey.

If you ever wanted to experience shooting a magazine style travel story of a authentic exotic festival this is your chance!


$3995.00–Limited to 12 participants


Charleston Photography Workshops | 1-843-814-6001 |  Visit web site |


$195.00 includes boxed lunch

NG Traveler Seminars| 1-505-983–1400 ext. 111–Anne Fuller |  Visit web site |

Stills to Motion

A  National Geographic Traveler, 1/2 day multi-media  travel photo seminar with Bob Krist,

11/09/14, 9am-1pm.  in San Francisco, California

 Explore the ever-expanding world of multimedia technology as you learn to combine stills, video, and sound to tell more dynamic stories. Movement, music, dialogue, and ambient sound add rich new dimensions to subjects that still photography alone simply cannot. Photographer and filmmaker Bob Krist will help you transition from stills to motion—showing you how your images can reach out and connect with viewers in fresh new ways through a range of multimedia tools and techniques.

Topics Covered

Learning to Use New Tools
Get up to speed on the technical side of the latest tools and equipment for recording motion, collecting audio, and editing.

Choosing Your Story
Hear how to change your approach from shooting single images to shooting “for story.” Get tips on how to decide what the focus of your story should be—a person, place, moment, or activity that captures the essence of your journey.

Sound Advice
Explore simple yet effective ways to gather audio, interview people, ensure recording quality, and enrich your story with ambient sound and narration.

Making the Move to Motion
See how to make the jump to video, shoot sequences, and create a moving portrait of a place. Learn keys to anticipating and capturing action. Discover how to translate principles of framing, lighting, and composition from stills to a world in constant motion.

Ins & Outs of Editing
Gain basic editing and sequencing techniques and strategies that let you bring it all together—integrating your sound, stills, and video into a compelling, cohesive narrative.



NG Traveler Seminars| 1-505-983–1400 ext. 111–Anne Fuller |  Visit web site |