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Travel Photography: Documenting the World's People and PlacesTravel Photography: Documenting the World’s People and Places

192 pages

As we travel to new places, digital camera in hand, we all feel the desire to capture them forever in images: the scenic vistas, the unique architecture, the people who inhabit that landscape. With this magnificent new study, award-winning National Geographic Traveler photographer Bob Krist helps us achieve our goal. It’s distinguished from other digital how-tos by its comprehensive scope, easy-to-grasp explanations, inspirational attitude, and upscale aesthetics.

Krist examines the technological aspects of shooting digitally on location, and explains how to select the right equipment, from cameras and lenses to flashes and tripods. He offers tips for saving, backing up, and sending images on the road, and gets to the heart of what it takes to portray the true spirit of your subject. He poses such questions as: What makes a truly great photograph? How can you create a well-rounded portrait of a place through its geography, people, and culture? The answers are all illustrated with the author’s collection of stunning travel photography to inspire us along the way.

10.9″ x 8.4″, Digital Masters Series, Lark Books, Asheville, NC
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101 Tips for Travel Photographers101 Tips for Travel Photographers

206 pages, $20 plus shipping

Thirty years of experience in one book! Read 101 Tips for Travel Photographers and learn the secrets of professional travel photography without going through the school of hard knocks. You’ll pick up invaluable tips on how to:

  • Meet and photograph people
  • Make exciting compositions
  • Plan assignments
  • Overcome language barriers
  • Keep you and your equipment safe
  • Master digital workflow on the road
  • Sell your Photos

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A Photo Tour of New YorkA Photo Tour of New York

As highlighted in a recent Popular Photography and featured in a series of Kodak brochures, this book was released two months before the 9/11 tragedy and since has become a collectors item. Colorful, bold images of the major sights in New York, including many stunning 10″x24″ panoramics, along with lively quotes and text are making this a must-have momento for anyone who loves the Big Apple.

PhotoSecrets Publishing, San Diego

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144 pages

A hardcover photo essay of the Caribbean region with text by Margaret Zellers. Hardcover, 108 color photographs.

Graphic Arts Center Publishing, Portland, Oregon

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Down the ShoreDown the Shore

96 pages

A photographic celebration of the beauty, wackiness, and heritage of the Jersey Shore. The boardwalks, beaches, lighthouses, wildlife and quiet bay inlets are captured in 107 color photographs, including aerials and stunning 2-foot-wide panoramics, all with informative captions full of facts and trivia on America’s first seashore resort area. Hardcover only.

10″ x 12″, Old Mill Productions, New Hope

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Impressions of Bucks CountyImpressions of Bucks County

72 pages

This large format coffeetable book captures the spirit of Bucks County as expressed in its landscapes, people, and places. It contains over 88 of Bob’s lush color photographs, including spectacular aerial and panoramic views, as well as informative captions and text. The perfect gift for visitors and residents alike. Available at bookstores or get an autographed copy directly from Bob.

10″ x 12″, Old Mill Productions, New Hope

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In Tuscany with Frances MayesIn Tuscany with Frances Mayes

273 pages

A literary and photographic exploration of the Tuscan region, featuring chapters on the land, the people, the food, the wine, and the festivals of the region. More than just a coffee table picture book, best selling author Frances Mayes’ lyric prose, combined with Bob’s lushly reproduced photographs from over five months of shooting in the region, are making this book an instant best seller. Hardcover.

Broadway Books, New York

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Lowcountry: Charleston to SavannahLowcountry: Charleston to Savannah

112 pages

The historic beauty of South Carolina’s Lowcountry is captured here in pictures and Cecily McMillan’s rich prose. You’ll explore the charming towns of Savannah, Charleston, and Beaufort, visit the historic plantations and gardens, travel the oak alleys dripping with Spanish Moss, and meet the Gullah craftsmen that make this area one of the most fascinating areas of the United States. Hardcover.

8.5″ x 11″, Graphic Arts Center Publishing, Portland, OR

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Portrait of the CaribbeanPortrait of the Caribbean

80 pages

A shorter, paperback version of Caribbean. 62 photographs.

Graphic Arts Center Publishing, Portland, Oregon

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Secrets of Lighting on LocationSecrets of Lighting on Location

144 pages

A complete how-to guide for photographic lighting in the real world. Covers everything from big AC strobe lighting to small, on camera flash. Universally praised by working professional photographers as one of the best books of its kind. With a guest photographers gallery containing the work of such photographers as Bob Sacha, Ian Lloyd, Jim Richardson, Jeff Smith, Ken Haas and Chuck O’Rear. 127 color photographs, 27 diagrams.

Amphoto Books, New York

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Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling PhotographerSpirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer

160 pages

Thorough, easy-to-read, and thought-provoking. Russell Hart of American Photo magazine called it, simply the best book about travel photography I’ve ever read. Learn the basics of composition and light, how to deal with language barriers, bad weather, and other problems encountered on the road. See how to plan an assignment, go beyond those cliche views, and use special techniques to get the best possible pictures of your vacation and travel destinations. 176 color photographs.

Amphoto Books

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Spirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling PhotographerSpirit of Place: The Art of the Traveling Photographer

Travel to beautiful Italy to accompany Bob on an assignment to Venice and Tuscany. Bob breaks down his working method into easy-to-follow steps and then takes you into the field to see how they’re put to work in real world conditions. 70 minutes.

Video, The Nikon School

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