I was in the wrong place, but it must have been the right time….

Photo © Bob Krist

I love the pageantry of the horsey set, like four-in-hand carriage races and fox hunts (especially if the fox gets away), because these activities are just so downright photogenic. Recently, in my never-ending quest to improve my multimedia chops (in the hopes that someday, somewhere, a client will actually pay for this skill set!), I sent myself to the annual Point to Point race at Winterthur in the Brandywine to shoot and gather sound for an audio slide show.

There were a fair amount of guys there shooting seriously, with big motor drives and long, fast, glass. Ever since my early days on the staff of the Hudson Dispatch, I’ve always felt intimidated going to sporting events to shoot because, frankly, I don’t know much about sports and consequently, I’m pretty bad at shooting them!

Plus the fact that by the time I was able to afford those giant cameras and lenses, my back was too bad to carry them:-). But I managed to be the only guy to get this shot (both the horse and rider were okay). Hit the jump for the reason why. (more…)

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Who knows where the time goes….

Photo © Bob Krist

UPDATE: It’s ironic that this post runs on the day that Kodak announced the death of Kodachrome. Yes, that old stalwart is no more. Alas, we knew you well. R.I.P.

My head is just chock full of useless trivia, like vintage song titles that make great blog entry headlines.  But there is someone else, besides Sandy Denny and Judy Collins , “Who Knows Where the Time Goes.”

He’s a photographer named George Remington from Cleveland, Ohio and he compiled a list that more or less sums up the reasons why our lives are being sucked down the twittering rabbit holes of the info-cloud and the eternal, unending, everlasting upgrade shuffle.

So if you’re wondering why you’re working harder but getting a lot less done (and a lot less billed!) make a mental note of how long it takes you to reach the bottom of the list, and you may lament, as I do, how many days pass without ever making it down to those two last items, despite all the conveniences of our new digital reality.

(BTW, the watch illustration is a shot I did for Nikon’s “Hands on Guide to Creative Lighting” DVD using Nikon’s SB-R1C1 closeup Speedlight setup…a nifty little “piece of kit,” as the Brits would say.)

So, hit the jump for the list that describes where my time, and probably yours, goes….


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Day for Night in Kyoto

Photo © Bob Krist

One of the better assignments I’ve had was to shoot a story on ryokan, the traditional inns of Japan. My brother Gary was the writer, and we got to crisscross the entire country and stay at a variety of inns from the very fancy to the unelectrified rustic.

One thing the editors wanted was a sequence of shots, showing a Western couple checking in and going through the activities of a typical ryokan day (i.e. you take a bath, have tea, eat dinner, and then go to sleep…the latter three all in the same room!)

We couldn’t afford pro models, but our fixer found a very nice, attractive young couple who were teaching English nearby and were agreeable to pose…but they only had two hours on a Saturday afternoon between 3-5pm to do it!  They couldn’t stick around for the “futon” shot.

It was looking like we might have to sacrifice that night shot for a while there, but fortunately, I had a complete battery-operated flash setup with me…five units with stands, gels, radios the works.

To see how we made day into night, hit the jump.


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