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Oh, the horror, the horror—Going off the grid in the Amazon


"What do you mean I can't Tweet?"

Okay, all you former English majors, if you can name the book, the author, and the character from which the first part of this post’s headline quote appears without Googling, your expensive liberal arts education will not have been in vain.

It still won’t earn you any money, but you will have the undying admiration of another unemployed ex-English major—me.

For you visually literate types (hey, we’re photographers, right? Leave the reading to the writers), I’ll also accept a later movie that used the same quote, and was based roughly on the book. The Nikon-festooned actor in the above pic is a hint.

I’m heading up river, the Peruvian Amazon to be exact. Leaving Friday morning and gone till next Sunday. No email, no blogs, no Tweets, no Facebooks, no cell coverage……oh, the horror, the horror!

It’s almost like old fashioned, 20th century travel; if you went off-the-beaten track in those days, you were really out of touch with everything and everybody.

Actually, the real horror will be if I come back with no good pictures—the rainforest is a bitch to shoot (and travel) in. But if that happens, it will be my fault.

Hang in there, and I’ll have some tales of jungle high jinks in about a week or so.

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Little Big Man

_DSC6960 copy

Photo © Bob Krist

Well, I’m just wrapping up a weekend workshop at the Broadmoor in Colorado Springs for National Geographic Traveler and it was a wonderful experience for me and my co-teacher, Dan Westergren. I think the 40 students enjoyed it too!

We certainly worked them hard enough. Saturday afternoon, after a full day in the classroom, we visited the Garden of the Gods. Dan led the landscape shooting group and I had three dancers from the Seven Falls Indian Dancers group as models for a lighting demonstration.

Young Micah was a favorite with our group. After the sunset and as the dusk light was moving in, we put him up on a stone bench, threw an SB 800 on a stand and diffused it through an umbrella, placed at about a 45 degree angle on the left, and did a little slow synch flash.

We got the students up for a predawn shoot at the hotel this morning. When you get skies like this, you don’t mind getting up at Oh Dark Thirty! But then we had another full day in the classroom doing more critiques and programs. The energy level and enthusiasm of the students carried us all right through to the end of the day.

_DSC7048A copy

Photo © Bob Krist

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