And the winner is…..

Photo © Alex Oliveira/ AMPAS

Wow, you guys went all out on the bag contest! The judges were astounded at the depth and breadth and sheer number of tips (and not just a little annoyed with me… I told them there would be about 10 or 12 tops!).

We got a lot of Zen-like advice about enjoying ourselves, putting down the camera, being in the moment, etc.  I think this is good advice, but, alas, our judges are working, traveling, journalist/photographer/cameraperson types, and by god, if they’ve got to work on the road, so do you, so that touchy-feely stuff didn’t go over too big.

And the judges also noted a lot of advice that told us what to do (capture the essence of the place, get people’s trust, e.g.) but not how to do it.

At least one entrant “tries to remember to pack his brain” on trips, prompting the judges to ask, “what happens when you forget to pack your brain?” and “what kind of a case do you pack a brain in, anyway?” An answer to that last query, according to the judges, would probably have been the instant winner.

Then, the judges got mad at me because they could only pick one winner and they wanted to give away at least 20 first places. I agree, and while I have only one bag to give away, I do have a few extra Spirit of Place 2010 calendars to send to a couple of runners up.

And so, the envelope please….


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