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Greetings from Jordan! Where the weather is wet and foggy and internet is GLACIAL.

I’m just preparing a blog entry about our visit to Egypt and the remote Siwa Oasis, but I wanted to share this video that Rich Kennedy, of the Doylestown Intelligencer, did about my little local portrait project.

Rich is an extremely generous photographer, and donated two full days of his time (on a weekend, on his days off) to run the computer end of the weekend of pro bono family portraits we did of area families serving in the armed forces.

I didn’t even have to ask Rich….once he heard about the project, he wanted to contribute.

Not only did he run the computer so that the 50 families could walk out from the session with a USB drive of JPEGs from their shoot, he also quietly saved my bacon with posing ideas when he saw me running into some creative brick walls (like fitting a family of 13 onto a backdrop).

If you ever wanted a guy to cover your back on a big shoot, you couldn’t do better than Rich Kennedy.

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  1. Interesting idea you had and glad RIch helped out. 50 families is a lot of people so this was not a small task. Hope you stay dry and have a great time over there.

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