Black Friday Blues


I petitioned the CEO/CFO of my organization again, as I do near the end of every year, for a budget to upgrade my aging Mac G5 PowerPC tower to a sexy, fast, new Quad Core Mac Pro with lots of RAM and huge drives.

(My presentation usually goes something like this: “C’mon, honey, puhleeze. You know it’s a tax deduction, right? It’s gonna help me get one of those high-paid editorial assignments I’ve been reading about in PDN….c’mon….“)

And lo and behold, this year, she said yes!

So that means that, now, I actually have to do it (before she changes her mind and/or the economy gets any worse). And here’s where the anxiety sets in.

First, it’s a whole heap of money. I paid less for each of the first two new cars I ever bought (admittedly, I drive small, cheap, but reliable cars).  I can get over the sticker shock. What I really fear is….(cue creepy soundtrack) upgrade incompatibility.

At the advice of my local Mac store, I’m eschewing the usual migration routine of connecting the new computer to the old computer  (“Get some help in here, stat! The Power PC Leopard to Intel Snow Leopard transfusion isn’t working…all systems are shutting down…where the hell is House when you need him?!) and will cleanly install all my apps one by one (yeah, sure, because I’ve got nothing to do for the rest of my life, so it should be okay).

But already (and the computer hasn’t even left the factory) I’m reading that Snow Leopard causes all kinds of problems when you try to profile your monitor. Nobody’s got it figured out. It’s affecting all brands of colorimeters and their respective softwares. There is much gnashing of teeth on forums all over the net.

Ah yes, this is just what I need: a non color-managed workflow on my new, expensive, turbo-charged computer. I dunno, maybe I can use my Hyundai’s built-in diagnostic computer to create a usable monitor profile…it seems to do a pretty good job of diagnosing just about everything else.

Oh Kodachrome, oh Velvia, why did you have to go??????????????

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  1. Tongue in cheek or for real? IMHO you’ve got nothing to worry about.
    Now if I can just convince my CFO (wifey) that I really really need that Nikon D700.

    1. Gary: There’s a permanent bulge in my cheek from my tongue being in there so much. It stops me from overeating….BK

  2. Bob,

    This is similar to how I was finally able to purchase my D700 last Christmas. Pleading relentlessly for an upgrade from my D80. Looking back, sometimes I wish I went with a cheaper D90 (or two) since FX lenses are outrageously expensive. Hindsight 20/20 as they say.

    Live and learn I guess.


    1. James: Just keep thinking about that amazing high ISO performance you’re getting and find low light things to shoot. I have to admit to FX envy myself, but I’m too lazy to carry all that weight! Bob

  3. Bob, For what its worth, on two of our four Mac (both laptops) the upgrade to SL caused no problems. On the two iMacs just the opposite experience. On my iMac, which was the latest and greatest 2 years ago, I continue to have instability issues with Aperture and CS4. I am now trying to convince my CFO to let me order the new 27″ tricked out with lots of extra RAM. I will cite Peggy’s endorsement to see if that helps. David

    1. David: Just don’t tell your wife that Peggy’s quid pro quo was a trip to Asia next spring! This is going to be an expensive computer, to be sure. I’m keeping my fingers crossed on the SL compatibility thing….no sense worrying till I see if it’s an issue! Bob

  4. Hey Bob,

    I just upgraded my Macpro to SL and had little to no trouble. My Eyeone Match software and hardware are working great. You will love the new machine. 🙂

    We are off to East Africa in 4 days! -Hudson

    1. Hudson: Reassuring words, thanks! I’m keeping my fingers crossed! Bob

  5. I learned a long time ago it is easier to beg forgiveness than ask for permission. Me and the dog share quarters frequently however.
    Good luck Bob, progress here is defined as new problems not the same old ones.

    1. Ray: Yes, begging and forgiveness—two keys to a long marriage! Bob

  6. Bob:
    Loved your 11/08 OP article. Was wanting to use FotoMagico 2 but I’m in the same computer situation you are (G5 with OS 10.4). Appeared that I needed the upgrade you’re looking at to use it. Am I missing something?

    1. Milton: I’m not sure what the Fotomagico 2 system requirements are. Currently, I’m on Leopard 10.5.8 and it works fine with FotoMagico Pro 3.08, which I think is the latest version and can handle video clips as well as stills.
      How it will work with Snow Leopard is still to be seen! BK

  7. Bob,

    What’s a computer?

    1. Tim: Simple, it’s a box on your desk into which you pour money…Bob

  8. Thanks for doing your part to stimulate the economy – even though it’s a little sad that a computer upgrade sounds like an exciting XMAS present! Did you put out a calendar this year for the foundation?

    1. Hi Renee: I know, when computers are exciting gifts, your geekdom is confirmed. Calendars are on the way, late this year. Watch this space for announcement of when they get here….all black and white infrared this year! Bob

  9. Bob – just put your old HD into your new tower, and let your new computer copy everything relevant across when you first run it. Works like a charm.

    1. Dave: That’s easy for you to say but the common wisdom is not to do anything of the sort migrating from a PowerPC Mac on Leopard to an Intel on Snow Leopard! And putting two system drives in one tower is asking for trouble too. You’ve done this yourself? Brave man! BK

  10. Sounds like you need a tech break – whip out the old Nikon F or FM and shoot some Velvia with those old manual focus lenses sitting in the dark. Light tables don’t need calibration.

    1. Jim: Could be good therapy! Bob

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