Bob’s Compact Lighting Kit Explained


Gear Used in BobKrist’s Lighting Kit on Nikon Creative Lighting DVD

In addition to three SB800s, two SU 800 controllers, and two SD 8A battery packs, the non-Nikon gear in the bag is as follows

  1. Bracket:  Morris MTH-202
  2. Smallballhead:  Giotto MH-1004 Mini Ballhead
  3. Cold shoe on ballhead:   Stroboframe General Purpose shoe w/ 1/4 20 mounting screw
  4. Compact lightstand: Bogen Manfrotto 001B Nano Lightstand w/ retractable legs
  5. Collapsible Umbrella:  Westcott 43″ Collapsible Umbrella with Removable Cover
  6. Grids, Snoots, Speedstraps, Colored Gels.
  7. Rolling case: Stormcase iM2500
  8. Reflector: Impact 5-in-1 Collapsible Circular Reflector Disc – Gold, Silver, Silver/Gold, White and Translucent – 32″
  9. Gaffers Tape
  10. Alligator clamps–including one large one  with a small ballhead and coldshoe attached


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  1. First I would like to thank Bob for his dedication as an accomplihed photograher and gifted teacher in sharing his knowledge with others no matter what level they find themselves in their individual photographic journeys.
    I recently sent Bob an email requesting information but not excepting a reply because professional photographers of Bob caliber have limited time to address trivial questions. Not Bob, I received a reply within hours of sending my email while Bob was overseas. Bob, you are a rare bird indeed.
    I hope to have the oppertunity to meet you in person at one of your lectures or workshops. I have enjoyed your informative DVDs.
    Thank you for help.
    Dr John

  2. typing skills are not my best asset, should have typed Bob’s caliber instead of Bob caliber.

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