Keynote Presentations

Bob’s programs are lively, informative, inspirational, funny, and appeal to a wide audience.

Suitable for general audiences, businesses, students, or photographic organizations.

  1. Behind the Scenes: Real Life Misadventures of a Travel Photographer — Every profession has its burdens to bear, but have you ever been held for ransom by an angry tribe of headhunters in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, swung at with a machete by a Voodoo priestess in full trance during an all night ceremony, or charged by bulls in a dusty arena in the wilds of southern India? If not, you’ll love hearing, and seeing, the real “backstory” of several of Bob’s most interesting and challenging assignments for National Geographic and other publications. Great visuals, great stories, lots of “outside the box” problem solving and lots of fun.
  2. Creative Problem Solving — No career is without its problems, and although the specifics of those challenges vary widely, they all require the same thing: the ability to think and act quickly, efficiently, and creatively. This applies across the board, from the office to the boardroom, and even, as Bob Krist has learned, to the jungles of Papua New Guinea.During his 20+ years as a photographer for the National Geographic Society, Bob Krist has faced more than his fair share of obstacles, including being held for ransom by headhunting tribesmen in the highlands of Papua New Guinea, menaced by a swinging cutlass during a Trinidad voodoo ceremony, and caught for days in a whiteout on a glacier in Iceland. Bob’s presentation of incredible photography, hilarious anedcotes, and hard won insights about creative problem solving in some of the world’s most harsh and beautiful settings is sure to uplift, inform, and entertain your group.
  3. Eyes Wide Open — Exploring Other Cultures with a Camera — In his autobiography, Marcel Proust said, “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.” These days, Americans (including college students) are traveling more, but seeing less. The cocoon of tourism all but insulates us from real encounters with the culture and people. In his 20+ year career photographing for the National Geographic Society and other publications, Bob Krist has discovered that the camera, rather than insulating you from the culture, opens doors and allows you to fully experience and interact with it. Join Bob as he shares his incredible photography, insightful and humorous anecdotes as he takes you on a voyage of discovery from the highlands of Papua New Guinea to the wings of the Kirov Ballet to the remote glaciers of Iceland.

Client List

  • Sony USA
  • Bank of New York
  • National Geographic LIVE!, Washington DC
  • Ameriprise Financial, Wilmington, De
  • American Society of Media Photographers
  • TCS World Travel, Seattle, Wa
  • The Biltmore Estate, Asheville, NC
  • The Riverside Symphonia, (fundraising event)

Client Testimonials

“Another great program, Bob. You always fill the house, and you always wow them!”                                                                

Greg McGruder, Director, National Geographic LIVE, External Programs

“Everyone thought your were terrific. Thanks for a great presentation.”                                                                                         

Joe Amodei, Ameriprise Financial

“This morning I opened my email to find many accolades for your presentation…they mentioned your humor, the incredible photography, and the interesting tales behind capturing a photograph. You gave us a wonderful journey to many places in the world, and into the world of photography.”                                                                

Mary Carroll Donahoe, Philadelphia Geographical Society

One and Two Day Photographic Seminars

For camera clubs, photo departments, camera stores, journalist organizations.

Go behind the scenes and see how Bob solves photographic problems, whether they happen halfway around the world or in your own backyard. You will learn:

  • How to make the most of bad weather conditions and shoot great landscapes and people pictures when the sun isn’t shining
  • How to banish photographic cliches and make fresh photographs of familiar sites and places.
  • How to overcome language barriers and confusing logistics when traveling in foreign countries.
  • How to research and plan a shoot so you can make a large amount of great photographs in a limited amount of time.
  • How to gain access to difficult places and produce an “insider’s” view of a place and not just tourist snapshots.
  • How to pace and shoot a meaningful picture story.

In addition, you’ll receive valuable technical tips:

  • How to make the most of natural light for landscape and portraits. Which light is best suited for which subject.
  • How to use the properties of your lenses to make strong, graphic, memorable compositions.
  • How to make the most of a small flash unit to create beautiful, natural-looking photographs.
  • How to pack equipment and clothes for a weekend to a three month assignment.
  • Take a peek into Bob’s camera bag to see what gear he takes along on assignments and how he packs it.
  • Strategies for traveling with film or digital. How to handle airport Xrays, backup data, and stay secure on the road.


“The members were overwhelmingly impressed with your entire program…many said you were best presenter the club has ever hosted (and we’ve hosted quite a few!)”                                                                                                                        Robert Schmidt, St. Louis Camera Club

“People are still raving about your presentation of a few weeks ago. They loved your down to earth approach to photography. I’ll add that your style is very refreshing and you do have great comedic timing. We should do more things together.”                                                                                                                                                                             Tom Gramegna, Bergen County Camera

“This was our first photography seminar but definitely one of our most successful packages! Guests thoroughly enjoyed the program and truly appreciated the time that you spent with them. The program was well planned and went very smoothly – you are wonderful to work with.”                                                                                                        Rachel Hudson, Marketing Coordinator, The Biltmore Estate

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