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Pay Me, and I Won’t Shoot!

The recent kerfuffle between Mike Sorrentino, (aka “The Situation” on the Jersey Shore) and Abercrombie and Fitch, whereby the company offered New Jersey’s second-most-famous Guido (sorry, Mike, but Tony Soprano would never forgive me) money […]

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Dr. Krist, you’re needed in the O.R., stat!

Wow, what a trip Senegal is!  Incredible place but tough on docs and patients using the less-than-ideal infrastructure. Take the above photo for instance. My friend Dr. Al Ruenes and his colleague, Dr. Serigne Gueye, […]

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A One-Man, Video-Shootin’, Senegalese Band

I’m off to Senegal to shoot a short documentary on the volunteer work of my friend Dr. Al Ruenes. Al is a urologist who regularly visits Senegal to teach new techniques to surgeons from all […]

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Meet Joe Photographer: The TSA’s Silhouetted Symbol of a Terrorist

———————————————————————————- Ay Carumba!  As if photographers didn’t already have enough problems with overzealous police officers and security guards drunk with power harassing us in public places? Now we’ve got the TSA using a hooded photographer’s […]

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Hands on impressions of the Nikon Coolpix P7000

I had the opportunity, a few months ago, to work with prototypes of the newly-announced Coolpix P7000 on an assignment in the Southwest US. It was for Nikon’s ad agency in Japan. The P7000 is […]

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