Stills AND Video, Stills OR Video, (and what about the Audio?)

Hindu goddess Durga is well equipped to handle the demands of multi-media journalism. Photo courtesy
Hindu goddess Durga is well equipped to handle the demands of multi-media journalism. Artwork by

One thing that is really throwing me about trying to become a multimedia journalist is the fact that I’ve only got two eyes, two hands, and one slightly-damaged, but still functioning brain.  However, it seems to me that the Hindu goddess Durga in the above illustration, is much better equipped for multimedia journalism. I’m realizing that you need more like 6 hands, 4 eyes, and multiple brains to do multimedia…

Let me explain. I’m a travel guy, and many of the things I witness that would make cool audio slide shows are events—festivals, dances, rituals. Or situations, as in my recent visit to the Lipizzaner Stud Farm in Slovenia, where you have a very limited (in this case, 2 hours) time to do your work. This was brought home to me a couple of days ago here in Buenos Aires, where I attempted to cover the Feria de Mataderos for an audio slide show treatment.

As any experienced shooter knows, it’s hard enough to capture peak moments with your still camera when you’re covering a one hour dance festival, or a horse race, or any event with a start and a finish. But what is throwing me is this:

How do I know when to shoot video, when to do audio, and when to just take some “pitchers?” (more…)

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D300s–New DX Dynamo

Photo courtesy Nikon USA

I’ve been lucky enough to get my hands on a D300s, and I thought I’d share some of my impressions of this formidable camera. Please notice that I said “impressions” and not “review.” I am not, repeat not, a qualified camera reviewer.

I just, you know, shoot assignments and sell pitchers for a living.  So what I can give you is a working photographer’s brief take on the camera. For a quick lineup of what’s cool about the D300s and different than the D300 (or the D90). Hit the jump.  If I’ve left anything out, I’m sure you’ll let me have it know! (more…)

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