Sittin’ Pretty

Photo courtesy Hudson Henry

Ah yes, things are good in Dogpatch these days…I finally finished that landscaping project in my front yard AND this blog won 9th place in the Travel Photography Blog division of the competition!

I didn’t even know I was in the running.  But I’m not moaning. Nor am I resting on my laurels, (despite what it looks like in this picture), but, rather, learning from those who placed higher.

And it’s an interesting group, to be sure.

First place went to advertising superstar shooter Chase Jarvis (who probably didn’t even know he had a travel photography blog!).What must it be like to have Chase’s eye, career,  AND look like Mel Gibson in his prime?

I will never know….but I am going to start shooting more  with my iPhone! And looking both ways before I cross the street.

Texas businessman and HDR guru Trey Ratcliff placed up there too with his beautiful StuckinCustoms blog.

And Tewfic El Sawy’s superb Travel Photographer blog, which I read religiously, was also in the Top 10.

I would hold any of these guys’ coats in a fight, or tote their camera bags on a trip. I learn a lot from them and read them regularly.

Nudging me out in 8th place is Olga the Traveling Bra, a blog that features pictures of, um, the author’s bra in various locations around the world. And also on her dog. And other places.

Okay, it’s definitely a high concept thing, and I’m not sure what piece of clothing I would hold for Olga in a fight, or whether or not the author (or my wife Peggy), would even think this was a good idea, but I do know what I’m going to do this coming year to try to up my rating.

Hit the jump for my new award-winning strategy. (more…)

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I could just shoot myself….

photo by Peggy Krist

I was recently contacted by Bucks Life magazine, the large-format swanky lifestyle magazine that covers all things interesting in Bucks County, our little artsy, funky corner of Pennsylvania. They were doing an article highlighting some local art luminaries, and they wanted to include me?

Well, I didn’t argue, but they said they’d send a photographer and I said, “wait, I’m a photographer, let me shoot some luminaries for you.”  (I can hear you now, marveling at my marketing acumen and self-promotion chutzpah). We negotiated and I walked away with an assignment to shoot 4 luminaries and 1 dimbulb, me.

So I duded up in my best Joe Photog outfit, and invited my old buddy and super people-shooter Pete Byron for lunch (we’re both May birthday boys and always have lunch around our natal days). I was going to shoot the thing myself with Pocket Wizards, but why waste 25 years of friendship and a great eye behind the camera, especially if you can get him for a chicken salad ?


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