What’s In the Bag, Lately


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I’ve been updating my Keynote presentations for next year’s series of National Geographic Traveler Photo Seminars (coming soon to a city near you!) that I present with my colleague and good buddy Ralph Lee Hopkins.  While working on the “what’s in the bag” section,  I came to the blinding realization that I’m pretty much using small, variable aperture zooms as my main glass for travel assignments these days.

This is something I swore I’d never do, because I loved my f/2.8 fixed aperture zooms as much as life itself. Of course, I am also the person who was quoted at a seminar presentation years ago as claiming that “I’ll switch to digital when they pry the Nikon F100 from my cold, dead hands….”

So the takeaway lessons?  Stuff happens, things change, small lenses get sharper, VR gets better, and sore backs get older. Oh, and also; I have a big mouth into which I insert my foot on a regular basis!

For a rundown of what I’ve been carrying for the last year, and what I wish I could add to it, hit the jump. (more…)

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