Do As I Say….

Photo © Bob Krist

You know how I’m always advising you to try to get local help whenever possible…because it saves you shoe leather and helps you get great pictures? Well, sometimes, I don’t listen to myself, and that’s when I get into trouble.

Well you can’t really call it trouble if you’re getting snaps like that of the Church of the Assumption on Bled Island in Lake Bled, Slovenia above. No, I have to admit, it’s pretty hard to miss in this incredibly beautiful lake in the Julian Alps. I got this one with a D300s, 16-85mm VR lens and a Singh Ray LB Color Combo Polarizer.

Check out a few other views of this lake after the jump, and a description of the shot that got away…. (more…)

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Friar Photos in a Flash

Photo © Bob Krist

You’ve heard me whine talk about it before; how travel photographers, unlike the portrait artists, often have to photograph people on the run with little or no control over subject, placement, or even posing. It’s a chronic situation, and it requires you to think on your feet.

This happened to be several times on my latest trip, a fantastic assignment in Slovenia.  This little country is full of great photo ops, and they’re all packed into a place a little bigger than New Jersey.  You want authentic old Europe, great scenery, and interesting people, you come here.

Among the better stops was the old Olimje Monastery in the northeast part of the country. Friar Ernest Benko was giving a tour of the facility, including the monastery’s old pharmacy, built in 1663. It’s said to be the third oldest pharmacy in all of Europe, and a good shot of the Friar here would be the “money” shot for this stop.

But while the Friar would agree to be photographed, he wouldn’t pose and he wouldn’t stop the tour. To see how I worked around those restrictions to get the above shot, plus some other tries, hit the jump. (more…)

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