Don’t neglect to reflect….

Photo © Bob Krist

Regular readers of my column and blog know that I love my little Nikon speedlights for all the wonderful things they do so effortlessly. From fill flash, to slow synch to cordless off camera TTL control, these units have changed the way I work and have made me a flash maven.

But there are some contrasty situations where my first choice will be a reflector, usually one of the pop-open types like the Flexfill or Photoflex or Lastolite.  What are those situations and why do I like to use a reflector instead of flash when I encounter them? Hit the jump to find out.


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The Little Light That Could…

Photo © Bob Krist

We’re in the homestretch and what better way to wrap up a road trip than in a car graveyard…but not just any graveyard, the inimitable Carhenge in western Nebraska.  Based on the slightly older, all rock Stonehenge on the plains of south England, this wonderful sculpture came to be as a memorial for a family member during a farm family reunion in Nebraska.

I originally wanted to lightpaint this at twilight with a million candlepower flashlight I brought with me. Somehow, though, when Peggy and I finally got here, our cheapo giant flashlight had totally lost its charge from the day before. What to do? The twilight was fading, and I had only one other light with me, a little ole SB 900. To read how we worked with the little light that could, plus a look at some black and white infrared panos of the site, hit the jump. (more…)

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