Doctors, My Eyes Have Seen the Light….

I had the very great privilege of being interviewed by Jason Odell and Rick Walker, the well-known Image Doctors over on the  Nikonians site last Sunday. After we three agreed that it was a fitting reward for old married guys to be able to spend Valentines Day discussing the latest camera gear and talking tech, rather than composing love poems and taking our better halves to a Nancy Meyers movie (hey, I already went to see It’s Complicated….and I loved it!), we got onto the meat of the interview.

We talked a lot about shooting travel and the two new lenses I got to shoot for Nikon recently. The Docs are great interviewers and have been doing this popular podcast for a number of years now.

Of course, choosing to start my Valentines Day hanging out with my new friends probably did nothing to further my cause in persuading “she who must be obeyed” into actually letting me buy the new glass I tested (and an FX body or two).

So I don’t know how smart a move that was….every time I start talking FX (which really only started since I shot that recent gig in Miami—-damn 24mm f/1.4, I wish I knew how to quit you), she brings out the chiropractor bills and the receipts for my Aleve usage to date….not to mention the dismal state of the business.

And speaking of seeing the light, my good friend Brenda Tharp is running a tour to one of my favorite places, Iceland, this summer. I’ve spent a lot of time up there over the years for National Geographic and other pubs, and it is a spectacular location. And you couldn’t find a better leader to show you around than Brenda. It’d be a great place to shoot that new wide FX glass I’m craving….Check it out…

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  1. Awesome! I haven’t heard of their podcast before, glad to have something photo-related in the queue. I’ll download them all to catch up on my seven-hour drive up to San Francisco for your seminar next week! Fly safe.

    1. See you then! cheers, Bob

    2. Skunk:

      Once I found the Image Doctors I caught up on the back podcast catalog by listening to them in the car, and passing the hours as I drove down the road. They are very easy on the ears that way. Only trouble is, once you are fully caught up you need to adjust to waiting 2 weeks between episodes.


  2. Enjoyed the interview. As a Nikonian, I listen to all Imagedoctor podcasts. Love your work, Bob

    1. Thanks Roger. cheers, Bob

  3. Bob, great interview. Thank you.
    It was about time we had the pleasure to hear you again with us.
    So the timing was perfect after all, eh?
    By the way, due to my own intense personal experience on the deep meaning of “SWMBO”, you may like the extended definition in our own Wiki’s Photo Glossary here:
    Thanks again, Bob and ..
    Have a great time!

    1. Wow, I had no idea the Nikonians glossary included the concept which basically governs my existence! Bob

  4. Bob, Easy for me to justify one of those two awesome pieces of glass at home. I just said “Bob Krist said I had to have it.” I didn’t even have to fall back on my second generic excuse, “It’s cheaper than another woman.” Probably not the best reason to use around Valentine’s Day. Now just waiting for B&H to deliver.

    1. David: I’m gonna try that, but I’m going to tell Peggy that you said it was a “must have.”. That will carry more weight around here! Bob

  5. Bob,

    Great interview. I always enjoying listening to you speak!

    I’ll try to order one of your books this month to help you get that the 24 f/1.4 or the FX body!

  6. Hi Bob, I do have an equipment question. I heard a while back there was supposed to be a replacement coldshoe for the Justin Clamp for the SB900…has that come around yet?

    1. Skunk: I’ve never used a Justin Clamp, so I don’t know.What I’d do is contact Bogen in New Jersey….I think they handle the Justin Clamps. cheers,Bob

      1. Must have been McNally; got my Nikonians crossed. I left a comment on his Facebook page.

        For your readers who are curious, McNally says they replaced all Justin Clamp coldshoes with the Stroboframe ones to make them SB900-friendly.

  7. Bob,

    I met Brenda on my last trip to Bangkok. She was going to Bhutan, I was going to the Muslim insurgency in south Thailand. We were the only two people on a full 747-400 carrying ThinkTank camera backpacks so we chatted for a while in the transit lounge in Narita and then again in line in immigration in Bangkok. It was only a few minutes but it left me wishing we had more time. Participating in one of her workshops would be a lot of fun.


  8. Bob

    I really enjoyed your podcast with Rick and Jason. It was a great reminder of the value in traveling lighter and having fun.

    I’ve chipped in another book order toward that lens lust you are growing. Thanks

    1. Thanks Eric. Every little bit helps! cheers, Bob

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