Don’t cry for me, Argentina…I’ll do that myself…

…but if you know a great fixer, I’ll stop sobbing.

I’ve got a gig coming up in early October in Buenos Aires, Argentina and I’m looking for a fixer/translator/guide type of person to help since my Spanish is really bad non-existent, and the assignment calls for a lot of phone calling and permission seeking.

The ideal candidate will be friendly, speak English, be a resident of BsAs, and hopefully a little familiar with photography. But a good tour guide type of person with patience, initiative, and a strong back would also suffice.

I’ve got a couple of irons in the fire, but do drop me an email if you have any leads.  Thanks, Bob

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  1. Bob,

    I can’t help with a fixer in BsAs but man is this a great topic. Fixers are the unheralded heros of serious travel/location/documentary photojournalism.

    With that in mind, does anyone have the name of fixer in Bangkok? I’ll be there in late Sept / early Oct and working on some stories that require some phone numbers and permissions.


    1. Hi Jack: Yes, fixers are unsung heroes for sure. if anyone can help Jack and I with fixers in Bangkok or BsAs, please Tweet it, Facebook it, or whatever social media stuff you can do!

  2. I’m not a fixer and I only know a little spanish … but I have a good handle on the Tango scene having just returned from a 3 month visit. So if you need an assistant I’d love to come.

    1. Hi Michael: Thanks for your offer, but the magazine won’t fly an extra guy in and I really need somebody local with fluent Spanish. Sounds like you liked the place, though! Thanks again, B

    1. Greg: Good idea, thanks. I have to join to post, but I have to be invited to join. Are you a member?

  3. Hi,

    I am a native Argentinean. After leaving 10 years in the US (Austin, Texas) and working on my MBA and as a Marketing Manager for a BBQ company there I am back in Bs As. My husband and I are both fluent in spanish and english and maybe able to help you. If you are interested email me at

  4. I’m not a member of Lightstalkers but I’ve checked the website a number of times over the years and it looks like a valuable resource for traveling photojournalists.

  5. Hi Bob, i’m a member in Lightstalkers, and i’d be glad to invite you to join if you haven’t already.



    1. Thanks Tewfic, I’m in already! Hope you’re well. BK

  6. Hi Bob,
    While you are in Buenos Aires, will you be giving some lecture/conference by any chance? Or are you just down here for the magazine’s assignment? Also out of curiosity while you’re shooting this travel gig, would it be possible to know the photos locations so that I could eventually pay a visit to see you in action?
    Many thanks in advance Bob!

    1. Hi Karine: I won’t have any time to do lectures, unfortunately, and while I’m flattered that you’d want to come out and watch me shoot, if you did see me “in action,” you’d probably want to have me commited to a hospital for the elderly and the insane….:-).

  7. Thanks for your answer Bob. I wish you to have a great time in BsAs! I wish I had the time to be your tour guide, I live in BsAs, speak Spanish, and really enjoy your pictures. I hope you found the person you were looking for.
    Karine 🙂

    1. Thanks Karine. I’ll be hitting a lot of milongas while I’m there, but I don’t know where yet!

  8. Hello Bob,
    I’ve sent an inquiry and reply about this to your email. Hope to hear back.
    Hilary (past TA from Havana workshop days)

    1. Thanks Mike, I’m going to see if they have a “temporary” membership. BK

  9. Hi! Mike McColl told me that you need some help from an argentinian human! im working in a hostel in Palermo and studying acting since 2 years. I write different stuffs on my blog (normal things that happens to normal people but that changes everyone`s world) and im also a musician. To be honest I don`t know exactly what you are looking for but im an energic person that enjoy to make everyone feel confortable and part of the roots of this beautiful place so i can learn whatever i need to make that happen. So if you need a normal (who s normal anyway?) and happy person to help u… you can count with me!
    Thats it! See you!

    1. Hi Julian: I think I’ve got my helper, but I’m glad to know you are there. I’ve got your contact info. Thanks! Bob

  10. I got to this blog looking in the process of looking for a fixer in bangkok – I also found lightstalkers but haven’t joined, or been invited – I’d love an invitation if that’s not asking too much, then I could access the contact info of a couple people I found on the site…thanks so much, alex

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