Everything you need to know about shooting the news….

Forget journalism school, here’s the secret formula…..


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  1. I love that video. As my teen aged niece would say, “Funny because it’s true.” As someone who occasionally has to do a video all I can say is I am hanging my head in shame at the Limey’s terrific take on truth.

    1. Jack: Leave it to the Brits to call ’em as we see ’em! Bob

      1. Bob, On a completely unrelated note, the camera geeks (and I count myself among them) are dissecting your photos for Nikon’s latest secrets. This from http://nikonrumors.com/ “1:45 pm -Take a look at this photo from Bob Krist’s blog. The EXIF data is 35mm @ f/6.7 and Maximum Lens Aperture of f/4.1.”

        Care to share?

        best, jack

        1. Jack: Soon as I legally can, I will. I’m pretty sure they’re announcing any day now. If I get any more gigs from Nikon like this, I’m not going to mention them, no matter how desperate I am for a post! I can’t stand the pressure and the scrutiny….Bob

  2. Love this video but sadly, the British cliche style of tv news reporting is so much more advanced than the US cliche style of tv news reporting.

    Keep posting that great stuff!

    Bob Sacha

    1. Thanks Bob, I’m trying! Bob

  3. That gave me a good laugh. It does prove that lasers make everything better.

  4. That’s hilarious! Event though you instantly get the feeling that that all news reports look and feel very much alike, I still believe that the quality of the news broadcaster in Great Britain, and Europe in general, is a lot higher than the stuff, particularly the fair and balanced “news”, from the US…

    Anyway, great video, keep em comin!
    Best regards, Doda

  5. Wow… just wow… my years of working in public relations, summed up in… what… four minutes. Sadly, this is news, everywhere.

  6. Nice … leave it up to the British to “tell it like it is”

    Thanks for the link Bob

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