Fifteen Minutes of Financial Fame

From aboard the National Geographic Explorer off the coast of Mozambique

The Wall Street Journal published a nice interview with me about travel photography in their Saturday edition.

Here’s the online version. Check out the multimedia show I did for their site as well. Now that I’ve made the pages of the WSJ, my 87-year-old father finally acknowledges that what I do may actually be called a job! If I could just score some of bailout bonus funds that other WSJ subjects seem to get, my weekend would be complete….

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  1. A great article Bob. Congrats! I particularly liked the slideshow. are my travel photography hero!

  2. How funny. Reminds me of how Enrico Ferorelli once noted that his mother constantly reminded him he had a law degree to fall back on if his photography career didn’t work out.

  3. Bob, Congratulations!! Great piece and very informative. The slideshow was a plus! You spoke of “cheap exoticism” in the article, which you mentioned to me a few years back from my trip to India. With having few more years experience under my belt, India will be looking very different to me when I return later this year. Thanks! -David

  4. Beautiful slideshow Bob. As always it’s so great to see a photographer who doesn’t need to rely on the latest photography post-processing gimmick to come away with great story-telling images.

    1. Hi Paul: Thanks for the comment. The post processing thing is sometimes a strong draw. I’m on the Nat. Geo Explorer and we did a quick stop in Mozambique, and the dusty old town looked great in sepia B&W! Sometimes I can’t resist! cheers, Bob

  5. Sounds like a great trip Bob, and I think your recent Sepia and B&W stuff is great. For post processing gimmicks I was thinking of the really over-the-top stuff designed more to show who the photographer is than the destination, but let’s not open that can of worms! 🙂

  6. Beautiful slide show. Fantastic breadth. Great music and script. I’m glad your Dad is giving you due credit – after all this time. That should bring sunshine into your life.

    Aileen Ah-Tye

  7. Very nice!

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