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Just when you thought your liberal arts education wasn’t really too useful in the real world, along comes a service that counts on your knowledge of Greek to figure out what they offer.

That’s right: 

Syn•esi (s?n•?s?)

n. Wisdom < Greek origin >

Photo Synesi (f?•t? s?n•?s?)

n. Photography wisdom. A community of photographers: sharing experiences : building knowledge.

So exactly what is Photo Synesi? It’s a group of professional photographers who are willing to share their expertise and review your work….for a very fair and reasonable fee.

Finally, you don’t have to risk getting your head bitten off by a grizzled old pro when you ask for some free feedback (hey, you lookin’ at me?)….you go to this site, check out the stable of reviewers, their backgrounds, their expertise and choose a reviewer.

Then you can chose the level and intensity of the review—-a quick once over (cheap), or one of the more in depth options (slightly more expensive).  And voila!

You get input from someone in the same branch of professional photography you may be aspiring to. Compared to expensive portfolio reviews offered at some photo shows and conferences, these are a bargain. And the board of reviewers has a very wide range of experience, from art photography, to photojournalism, to multimedia.

And not to worry, you’ll get your reviews in plain English, not ancient Greek!

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