Hipstamatic Hooray!


Whenever my sons come home for the holidays, I’m reminded of just how tragically un-hip Peggy and I really are (despite our AARP-certified, “hipster baby boomer” ID cards). 

The latest episode came when middle son Brian (Discovery channel associate producer and social media consultant) came back from a visit to Colorado with a slew of iPhone snaps of Peggy’s niece (and his cousin) and family.

The kid whips out his iPhone and proceeds to share a portfolio of pictures of his trip that would, without a doubt, land him an assignment from a major travel magazine before I could get an arthritic foot in the door with my old-world, saturated, mostly-in-focus, cleanly-composed, uptight, late-middle-aged imagery!

There are his adorable nephews Jonny and Charley in all their deconstructed glory, the Rockies in faux HDR, and the Toyota looking like an old Willy’s on a Grateful Dead album cover from the late 60’s.

How does he do it, I wonder? Simple. The kid always has a camera, (er, I mean phone), shoots a lot of pictures and knows his apps.

Apps like Hipstamatic, which gives you a myriad of toy camera looks, or one of the hundreds of other iPhone apps that are threatening the very existence of point and shoot cameras (not to mention aging editorial photographers).

Don’t believe me? 

Watch this poignant break-up video from the NY Times

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  1. Have just been turned on to the Hipstamatic app and are loving it. So easy to use and you never know what you are going to get until you review the image.

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