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I’ve been going like a banshee (or as we say colloquially, like a McNally) lately, and I’m heading down to lovely Buenos Aires today for a couple weeks to shoot a city story for National Geographic Traveler.

So I’m going to be up to my eyeballs in shooting, captioning, renaming, backing up, and trying to find attractive couples, waiters, waitresses, chefs and all the beautiful people for those all-important service photos!

I’m really excited about the job, because it includes producing a couple of audio slide shows about Tango. Could be good! Biggest challenge for me on this whole story? Staying up late enough to shoot all the legendary nightlife.

I’m an old Norte Americano—-you know, the type that goes to bed at 10pm and gets up at 5am, whether I have to or not.  My lounge lizard days are behind me…oh, who am I kidding, I never had an after-hours life. Which is probably why I’m still married to my first wife. (And we still like each other…). Go figure.

In the meantime, I’ve posted a little audio slideshow about the Lipizzaner Stud Farm from my trip to Slovenia here. It’s not landmark photography, but for two, two-hour visits with no special access, it’s the best I can do.

For contractual reasons, I won’t be able to post any pix from Buenos Aires as I go along, but maybe I can do some text posts….oh, yeah, that’s a good idea for a photo blog, eh? Posts with all text and no pix?

Well, blame the lawyers.

So I’ll try to give you something between now and Oct. 16, but if it gets slow, check in again after that….I’m going to keep up the 2x a week posts as long as I legally can!

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  1. Bob, Have a great trip and enjoy that D300s. But fair warning wives have gotten a lot more suspicous of trips to Argentina thanks to the South Carolinia Governor who made a wrong turn on the way to the Appalachian Trial.

    1. David: Yes, but I’m not as devout as Sandford, so my chances of being faithful are much higher! Bob

  2. Have a good trip Bob, I do know what you mean I see a lot more sunrises than sunsets anymore. Text will work till you can post photos again.

  3. Well at least now we know you have a good reason for bagging the SATW meeting in Guadalajara. 🙂

    1. Hi Greg: Yes, the organizers were pretty upset that I couldn’t do the lighting program, but I gave them months and months of advance notice, and I’m just not in the position to turn down any work from a Geographic publication! Looks like it’ll be a good one, though. Bob

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