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My assignment this afternoon was to document the visit of Kinobe, six incredibly talented musicians from Uganda, to the Creative and Performing Arts High School in Camden, NJ, where they gave a concert and workshop for the music kids in this inspiring school.

It’s a program sponsored by the Jonathan Krist Foundation, and the kids really seemed to enjoy it and get a lot out of it. Kinobe seemed to have a good time too.

We brought the guys back to our house tonight for a spaghetti dinner and a place to crash before they hit the road again tomorrow  (these are true road warriors—-they make me look like a stay-at-home Dad….they haven’t been home in 9 months).

What a wonderfully talented, friendly, and well-traveled group. I can’t remember the last time we’ve had dinner guests with whom I could swap stories about the best places to pitch your tent during the music festival in Timbuktu, or the ins and outs of the world music scene in Paris.

They are all Mac enthusiasts too, and we’ve spent some good time trying to figure out the cheapest way to soup up basic Mac laptops for audio.

Now, I’m not going to dwell on the mistakes I made in my second or third time out as a documentary videographer, other than to tell you that during one of the key speeches, I was doing this super creative pullback from the keynote speaker’s image in a mirror to the  speaker herself (genius!) and I thought I was recording when I was just on preview! But I was running my Olympus LS-10 Audio recorder (something I know a little better than my Panasonic camcorder) the whole time, so at least I got audio.

But so far, as a videographer, I make a very good spaghetti chef.

Check out Kinobe—-their music is guaranteed to make your weekend!

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  1. Now that is some groove ! That vid track on their site is great. Thanks Bob – a good start to the weekend for sure.

  2. Enjoyed the music Bob and Kinobe’s site. Some excellent sounds.

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