Lapping up Samiland


We kicked off the National Geographic Expeditions “Legendary Cultures” tour with a quick visit to northern Norway. Formerly known as “Lappland”, the proper name for the culture is Sami.

These are rugged folk for sure, and I got enough of a look at the life of a reindeer herder to put it on my list of jobs I’m not sure I could handle.

But these are stoic and smart folks. You have to say that about all the Norwegians. Even though they are one of the world’s major oil producers, they pay more for gasoline than anywhere else in Europe….it’s that heavily taxed.

But the Norwegians don’t mind paying the tax, because it’s used to create a fund that will give back tens of thousands of dollars to each Norwegian in 20 or 30 years, when their oil supply runs out. They’re planning on helping future generations by taxing themselves now and putting the money away for the common good.

The high gasoline prices make them careful about how and what they drive and use resources, and they’re providing for a future generation by sacrificing a bit themselves.

Whoa….what a concept!

As I thought, my dual role as videographer/photographer on the trip is driving me up a tree. That it’s do-able at all is thanks to the User 1/User 2 menu on the D7000 that allows me to instantly go back and forth from my video shooting settings to my still settings.

I just have to hope I come home with enough usable clips and pix, and not a complete schizoid.

Next stop: Armenia!  I’ll keep you posted.


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  1. hey cool! Is it in Karasjok? It looks like the area around the hotel. I live just across the street from there 🙂

    1. Tor: Yes it is! If I knew you lived in the neighborhood, I would have stopped by for coffee! Beautiful area.

  2. gone already? Should have stayed a bit longer. Theres a free concert at the sami center with several local artists playing tonight 🙂

    Have fun in Armenia 🙂

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