Miami Ice

Photo by Joe Reyes

I’ve been down here in Miami for four days now, and it’s been freezing and either rainy or cloudy the whole time, except for one afternoon. Then it was just freezing and sunny.

I’m shooting another one of those jobs that I can’t share with you (until the client uses the pictures) and it’s a gig that I can’t even show you the gear I’m using (that’s proprietary too).

It’s one thing to play a priest on the internet (for that I’ll go to hell, but at least I won’t lose a client….they’ll all probably be down there with me:-)), but I don’t want to be one of those photographers you read about who do behind-the-scenes Tweets, posts, and videos of their ad shoots and then get fired because the client is furious because you’ve jumped the gun and trumped and precluded their own announcements.

Plus I haven’t figured out Twitter or Facebook yet, so I’m safe in my Luddite-ness. Who says ignorance isn’t bliss?

But that does explain the shot of the back of my head and the back of the camera for this post.Β  We’re shooting aerials of Miami…at twilight.

As Paris Hilton might say, “That’s huge.”

Hit the jump to find out what I can tell you at this point!

The helicopter outfit I used on my one clear evening is first class. Pilot Luis Folgueira of Helicopters Over Miami and his ops manager Joe Reyes can save you the trip to Tamiami airport and pick you up at their floating platform in Coconut Grove….very convenient. Luis has a great feel for putting the chopper where you need it….not a skill every chopper pilot has. And they have reasonable rates on Robinson 44’s.

But this weather! Oy!Β  I come to the one place in the continental US I figure I might get some warmth and sun for the shoot, and it’s nuclear winter. I probably should have gone further south to Mexico, but I don’t have that much of a budget, and with this cold snap, there’s just as good a chance that I’d be in the same boat down there (albeit with cheaper margaritas).

On the bright side, the security routine at Newark was slow but logical. I think flying domestically, and leaving the States is going to be fine, carryon-wise. It’s just getting back. I’ll find out in early February.

Unless, of course, I’m still here in Miami, waiting for it to warm up!

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  1. I hope it’s not proprietary to show your lens hood worn in reverse! Aren’t most commercial clients wary of blogging/facebooking/tweeting their images before use? Mine certainly are! Happy shootin!

    1. Hi terry

      Have you ever pointed your camera out of the window with your lens hood on? You’ll only do it once without gaffer tape πŸ™‚



      1. And… That’s what we have fingerstips.

      2. No, I take my lens hoods completely off so they have absolutely no chance of ever flying off the camera and into the rotors.

        Besides Michael, it was a joke.

        1. Yeah, speaking of that, if anyone ever finds a Nikon F in Penn’s Creek near Ingleby, Pennsylvania, its mine! Lost it in turbulence while shooting in a Piper Super Cub with no doors. Still don’t know why I didn’t use the camera stap.

  2. hi Bob,

    you’re absolutely right. the carry-on restrictions come into play when flying to the United States. i’ve already heard from photogs who have flown out of the US with no discernible difference in procedures/allowances, but who have had to keep their carry-ons to a single bag on their way back to the US.

    i’m flying to India in a week, and have already rejigged the packing of my gear. i’m flying back to NYC from Heathrow around mid February so i’ll be posting my experience at that time. best,


  3. That photo shoot looks like fun, I mean who doesn’t love taking photos while flying over a beautiful city like Miami and in a helicopter no less! At least those things can hover which I’ll bet comes in handy when having to take photos low light situations.

    I saw that you recently took a trip to peru, loved the photos by the way. I am an aspiring photographer living in Lima, Peru and have enjoyed reading this blog. Keep up the good work!

    I post all my photos of peru on my flickr page: and on my blog:

    Also do you use flickr? Would be great to take a look at some more of your photowork!


  4. Bob, the guys on dpreview are blowing up and trying to figure out the gear you’re holding. Latest guess is a new 28mm f1.4 AS, but I’m guessing it’s a new 35mm f1.4.

    1. Looks to big to be a 28mm 1.4 to me — I”m lucky enough to have one of the old ones. I hope I’m wrong the 28mm 1.4 is all that people say it is and to have af-s on that lens would be very cool.

  5. so this camera… D700 successor? please please please please. haha. πŸ™‚

  6. That anxiety πŸ™‚
    D400, D700, D800 and D900? And Nikon fans are crazy πŸ™‚
    We wait!
    Thanks !

    1. That is a Sony, see by the Lens looks like Sony Zeiss, see the blue Zeiss badge.

  7. One thing not propriety, but none the less surprising, is the amount of hair shown in your image. Unique angle to be sure. Keeps the ears warm I guess.

  8. Bob that camera is a Sony Alpha because that lens is a Sony-Zeiss, probably the CZ 16-35mm, right??
    It it the a700 substitute?

    1. If it’s either the 15-35 or the24-70, then it’s probable that the camera is a full frame model. Since we’re expecting a 7xx in the near future, then it may well be that this is the camera, and that it’s a full frame. I’m betting it’ll be a 16 meg at least, since Sony is now supplying a number of Nikon cameras with sensors, and that Nikon will be wanting something to compete with recent Canons in that realm (and that, like the 12.2 meg in the alpha 700 and 24.6 meg in the 900/850, the next Sony sensor will be adopted by Nikon).

  9. oh?! is this Nikon D900?

  10. Looks like a Carl Zeiss AF for a Sony DSLR. New A750?

  11. Sorry but that really does look like a Sony camera WOOT!!

  12. Relax Nikon fans. That lens looks very much like a Sony/Zeiss zoom. You can even make out the blue around the logo. πŸ™‚

  13. Hi Bob,

    Whatever it is you are doing, I hope you will be doing another job for Nikon as you did with the CLS. That was a great job.

    I have come to the conclusion that Nikon has incorporated the Kodak 18mp full-frame CCD sensor currently installed on the Leica M9 for its upcoming new camera.

    Given that Canon is rumored to be releasing the Canon 3D which combines the best of the 5D Mk II with the advance features incorporated in the 7D, it is likely that Nikon will be releasing this 18mp in a D700-type body rather than in a D3/D3s body.

    It has been rumored that the new Nikon will also feature 1080p HD video in both 24fps and 30fps. This should be eminently doable given that this is a CCD sensor and will not have any of the disadvantages currewntly hobbling the video capabilities of Nikon’s current CMOS-equipped dSLRs.

    I can only hope that Nikon’s expertise in tweaking sensors (as it did with the D3s and D3x) will once again yield handsome dividends by way of a superior low-light performance and improved dynamic range.

    Looking forward to when you can finally reveal the products you have been working with. πŸ™‚

  14. Looks like nice Zeiss lens – perhaps new Sony Alpha?
    A750… A950…
    hints please πŸ™‚

  15. That’s definitely a Sony Zeiss lens. You can see the blue frame around the lettering. Us Sony people have been waiting for a sign – we just didn’t expect it to come from Bob Krist!

  16. the lens is a zeiss, maybe a 24-70 2.8, itΒ΄s a sony lens.
    the camera seems to be nikon

  17. Its a Sony not a Nikon, you can tell from the Prism and the Zeiss lens…

  18. Nikon D900. 24mm f/1.4 AF-S.

  19. Nikon? And why this lens looks like Sony AF lens with Zeiss label. A750? A950?

  20. My money’s on a Nikon. Looks almost identical to my D700 from the same angle. M/A M switch position, lens release button and lenshood logo are in precise position for Nikon. Not convinced I see blue, the light color has a blue tint in the background buildings.

    1. I second that. See the “blue” logo has two content parts. The Zeiss only one. Also, the whites is kind of bklue-ish. Looks indeed as the M/A M switch. I guess the D900.

  21. Dude, you should have done the photos in Phoenix. We have (a few) tall buildings. We have glorious sunrise and sunsets framed by mountains. And, to paraphrase Warren Zevon, we will have waterfront “if California slides into the ocean, Like the mystics and statistics say it will.”

    FWIW, I think the worst you’ll do for the video is some time in purgatory. God has a sense of humor too.

    Being a die hard Canon person, I’m not gonna even enter the guess the camera sweepstakes.


  22. Nikon D900 fer sure!

  23. Sorry, but 36 degrees is not freezing. Gotta get to 32 for that to happen. We’d welcome some 32 degree weather up north.

  24. lens is for sure a nikon, look at the style of lens hood and the positioning of the writing on it, the blue hue could come from a number of things, and the lettering on the lens seems very similar to where nikon puts their VR or other lens controls

  25. I think that it’s Sony.
    Not because shape of a camera – but something in Bob’s words is very soniish (if that word exists) πŸ™‚
    Twilight – didn’t Sony had some similar action around the world – something in twilight…. Looks to me that marketing line is still alive
    If I’m right, I will gladly receive as a reward new camera πŸ™‚

  26. To Balkanski> Maybe it’s more then Bob’s words. Maybe it’s the fact that any time someone mentions that it’s a Sony or a Zeiss lens, he deletes the comment.

    1. Guys—-I have not deleted one comment. Where do you get this stuff? Bob

        1. But it seems that the missing comment is back in the meantime, maybe some cache problem.

          Best would be that you write a new post telling us everything you know, I think that would be the best πŸ˜‰

      1. Oh, and one last thing. If you want a healthy discussion going on in the comments, I strongly recommend turning of the “awaiting moderation” tool. It just takes too long to have a fluent discussion. Most blogs keep an eye on the comments and delete whenever there is something that shouldn’t be there.

        Trust your readers. Pay it forward!

        1. Tob: If you saw some of the comments I have to delete—rants, racism, I’ve had them all—you’d appreciate why the comments are moderated.

          And writing all this how-to stuff from my 30 year career for free isn’t trusting my readers and paying it forward enough? What more would you like? Maybe some coffee and doughnuts while you’re reading? Free wi-fi? Just ask, I’m here to serve:-). BK

      2. Can’t you just say “not Sony” and end the speculation?

  27. Crickee – if it’s a Sony then my bet is that it’s the Alpha 7xx. Also, if he’s using one of the Zeiss 2.8s, then the 7xx is a full frame.

  28. Beautiful setting with great twilight. Unbelievable hair. Who cares what lens you are using. Perhaps the next thread in this deal could focus on what type of earphones you are wearing.

    1. Mike: They’re top secret too….they make a bald guy look like he has hair, and they’re expected to fly off the shelves at B&H once they’re announced. But you didn’t hear that from me… Bob

  29. I bet Bob just keeps laughing about all of this both here and what is on dpreview. I have not seen anything on Nikonian.

  30. Definitely CZ lense there. Hope it is the long awaited a700 successor, the a650 or a750.

  31. No doubt a new Nikon. The lens is without doubt a Nikon. The “blue badge” is a switch of some sort, most likely simply the AF-MF switch but possibly a VR switch

  32. My guess is Joe wasn’t using the same camera that Bob was β€” and we’ll see it when Bob’s client uses his “pictures”. Best!

  33. I can bet my ass on this… it’s definitely a Carl Zeiss lens. Those peeps who say its a MF/AF switch must be either color blind or their display is conked.

    Yes, it VF bulge looks like those of Nikon… but this is for sure the Sony Alpha 900 successor.

  34. Completely OT, but for anyone trying desperately [like me] to buy an out of production Bob Krist LL Bean Photo Vest, there is one on *bay right now, snag is its XS, I neeed XL!:-)

  35. Sorry, but have the Sony hopefuls actually looked at the image at a magnification bigger than 1x? It’s a Nikon lens, and the camera is the problem, I’d say here! D800? D900? D4?

  36. Can you prove it is a Nikon lens?

  37. Oh for goodness sake. Here’s a link at DPReview.

    Scroll down to where the picture above is blown up. Please note that the writing on the side of the lens has a clear demarcation between the two bits of writing. Just like the “M/A – M” on a Nikkor lens (like the 17-35mm). The Zeiss lens has a clear unbroken bit of writing that says “Zeiss.” The lens hood is also different.

  38. “I don’t have that much of a budget” Sounds more like Nikon than Sony! LOL

  39. My strong guess:
    Nikon D700x
    24MP FX (3 FPS) or 10MP DX (5 FPS)
    More than $3,299

  40. Nikkor 16-35 f4 on a D3s

  41. WOW. One board squeaks….and out come the freaks. It is absolutly amazing to see the CRAZINESS that potential new gear perpetuates. Almost embarrased to be a Nikon photographer.

    Roman Johnston

    1. You gotta love the enthusiasm, though. BK.

  42. Hi,
    So now that ‘s public is it the new alfa 700?

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