Midnight at the Oasis

Photo © Bob Krist

We spent some time in Luxor, Egypt, seeing the great sites there, but then headed way out into the Sahara to a crossroads called Siwa Oasis, where we stayed at an amazing place, Adrere Amellal.  It’s like a Saharan village with no electricity but tons of amenities for the traveler.

I made the above shot at twilght, and painted the adobes with my little flashlight to open them up a bit.

We had a spectacular tour of the dunes of the Sahara via land rover, and I’d love to post more pictures, but my internet connection is sooooooo slow here  that I’m lucky to get these two up.  Below is the bar….a necessary place for any water hole or oasis!

Next stop, Jordan!

Photo © Bob Krist

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  1. Hope trip is going well. Trust your being the great teacher to all.

  2. Love the images, would love to hear more details about “painting the adobes” shot.

    1. Michael: I painted the structures with the light from a small flashlight during the 15 second exposure. For more on this technique, please see the first ever post in this blog, from a little over a year ago, titled something like “Take That Light Waaaaay Off Camera” cheers, B

  3. Bob,

    As you’re posting on location, I wondered if these were in-camera jpegs? In which case, how do you approach the picture control settings or do you have one base setting you tend to stick to?

    1. Tom: Yes, they’re out of the camera jpegs. I’m going to refer you to an earlier posting (in October 09) I wrote called “Don’t Ask, I’ll Tell” where I cover your other questions. BK

  4. I especially like how you strategically placed the lamps in your Midnight Oasis shot.

    A technical question – Besides packing your lens with silica gel, are there any other ways you protect them when traveling?

    I just discovered fungus on an old, old, really old AF tele, which gives me the excuse for buying a new VR lens. I’ve read that fungus can spread from lens to lens, and camera to lens. Any truth to that?

    How do you store your lens at home, also, since it was home storage that’s part of my problem. I did Google this question, but there are conflicting suggestions.

    Discovered http://www.silicagelpackets.com, which offers the whole “enchilada” in terms of protection, but I wonder how far one should go?

    Thanks, Bob, for any tips!

    1. Aileen: I’ve never packed my lenses in silica gel, and don’t have any idea about fungus jumping from lens to lens, but I would try to store them in dry places. But I’ver really never heard of Fungus infecting a lot of equipment outside of places like Singapore and other year round hot humid places. Thing with silica get is that you have to “recharge” it in the oven every once in a while. I’d buy a new lens and try to keep your stuff dry…that should do it. Bob

  5. Thanks, Bob. I won’t go “berserk” on silica gel. What do I know?

  6. Great photos Bob. That is sure a different world than the hubub along the Nile. I am intrigued.

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