Nevada’s Wisdom, Where’s Jim, Stephen’s High Jinx, Joe’s Swami….

© Bob Krist--Imagine shooting aerials without leaving the ground!

Some of my friends and colleagues have been sharing some great information lately.

Nevada Weir, adventure travel photographer extraordinaire, shares a great post: The 10 things she wished she knew before becoming a professional travel photographer and the 10 things she’s glad she knew. Take number three in the “glad she knew” category:

I knew that I had some great traits for a traveler: I can handle alcohol; I can sleep anywhere; I have an “iron stomach”; I have a bad sense of smell; and I remain very calm in times of stress or uncertainty. All very useful for the solo traveler.

Funnily enough, I have all those same traits (especially the alcohol-holding abilities) EXCEPT that I do go to pieces in times of stress and uncertainty….but I’m working on it, sometimes even without the alcohol part!

To find out where Jim Richardson has been parking his fedora,why Stephen Alvarez craves getting high above all things, and why Joe McNally won’t confess to a swami, hit the jump.

I was wondering where Jim was as I often try to hit (and indeed have a link to) his Working Photographer blog and it seemed that he hadn’t updated it in months.

So I gave him a call to commiserate on “blogger’s block” (it’s just like writer’s block, only you don’t lose money if you don’t write, because nobody pays you anyway!), only to learn that Jim is far from battling blogger’s block,  he’s just moved his blog to National Geographic’s site.

So if you’re missing Jim’s insights, head on over to the new site to get your fix.

And Stephen Alvarez, one of my favorite Geographic shooters, has found the ultimate toy for photographers. It’s not a camera or lens. But it’s guaranteed to get you high.

Trouble is, these things cost more than my car is worth (yes, I drive a cheap car, but it’s not that cheap). I’ve been looking at something similar, but I can’t justify $9 grand for something I’d probably crash the first time out. But we can dream can’t we? A nice late summer’s night dream…

And finally, my buddy Joe McNally is afraid I’ve gone all swami on him, and that he won’t have anybody to confess to….not so, my son, your old Father Bob is always here for you!

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  1. Hey, Bob.

    Thanks for the link to Jim’s new site. I had been following him too and wondering what he’s been up to lately.

    I’ll definitely give the other sites a looksie as well.

  2. Looking forward to Confessional Part II !!

  3. Wow that rig was pretty cool. I do not know if they noticed that they had the Lens Cap on as they sent it off.
    May we can rig a small hot air balloon to do something similar – say for a softer landing at least ?

    1. Arun: Michael Melford has been using a remote balloon rig for some of his National Park coverage in the Geographic. It’s a lot bulkier (he needs a trailer), but it lands softer! Bob

  4. What a great shot of Philly! The Chamber of Commerce would love it – especially for this angle of the art museum!

  5. Bob, I think I have a simpler and cheaper solution to arial photos. Kite, -$5.00….long ball of string, – $2.00…..Duck Tape….$4.00…….Remote Control Priceless!

    1. Tim: We’re gonna need a disposable camera too! Bob

      1. Bob: I thought Nikons were disposable!

        1. Yes, I light my Nikon bonfires with the countless $100 bills I’ve made as a photographer over the years….let the good times roll! Bob

  6. Reminds me of a quote, “Experience is something you get right after you needed it”!

    How about jetpacks? The ultimate nerd fantasy. Gotta remember to set my VR to ‘active’ 🙂

  7. Liked Nevada Weir’s observations – Wish I hung out with MBA students, too! All of Richardson’s tips are really good ones (thanks – Bob). I really like how Jim explains researching a culture in depth to help determine technique, when you can then let loose and get creative (“Let There Be Light”). Good tip on stitching panos (“Position is Everything”); i.e., pre-identifying landmarks as quick focus spots in viewfinder. Hope to do that in Paris – the question is what hasn’t been done – that will keep you up at night, even if you can handle your alcohol! Well – onwards.

  8. I love the picture of Philly, Bob. Half my family is from there, and while I’m a native Illinoisan, I miss the place every now and then.

    1. Nicholas: I’ll have a cheesesteak for you next time I’m in town! Bob

  9. Wow what a cool new toy! It’s not TOO expensive considering it won’t be outdated every year like a body or Mac Pro.

    1. Dave: That’s true….with this toy, you only have to upgrade it after you run it into a wall or crash it into the ground! cheers, Bob

  10. Ok. I really want my own arial drone! That is just way to cool!

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