New Hope: In Character—Reception Timelapse


The reception for New Hope: In Character was Friday night at the New Hope Arts Center and we had a large and very responsive crowd.

Besides the local luminaries, many of whom were on the wall AND in the crowd, several old photographer friends showed up, including the Geographic’s Mike Yamashita, NY Daily News sports shooting ace Linda Cataffo (we started at The Dispatch together, but the years have been far kinder to her!) and The Record’s Peter Monsees (we’ve known each other since grammar school), The Intelligencer’s Rich Kennedy, and freelancers Jerry Millevoi, and Arun Paul.

Here’s a web gallery of the show. The prints, some as large as 30×40, were made by Aspen Creek Photo. This is the consumer lab division of West Coast Imaging. We had to keep the costs down on this job and WCI’s excellent custom B&W printing was not in the budget. But Rich Seiling and the Aspen Creek crew did magnificent work on the consumer prints that just looked great.

I’d love to take credit for the good looking files those prints were made from, but it was the  Nik Silver FX Pro plug in that made those flawless B&W conversions so easy, even I could do it!

The prints were mounted by another crackerjack outfit, Philadelphia Photographics. Jack and his crew turned the job around quickly and perfectly….and they even delivered!

I can’t guarantee it would be the same for you, but photographing friends and neighbors was one of the most rewarding projects of my career…and one huge benefit was that all I had to do was walk two blocks to work—no metal detectors, no baggage handlers, and no crowded overheads! It’s the lowest carbon footprint travel photography I’ve ever done…..

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  1. There is so much character in those images. What a great project. I particular enjoyed the spinning hoop’s blur with the Hoopdancer. NatGeoBob at the end was a humorous bookend to the set.

    It seems there are a lot of living history actors in the area.

    How was that one photograph in the gallery hung? The one close to the camera that seemed to be hanging in the air? Where there wires that people had to duck under?

    1. Hi Craig: Several of the prints were hung by monofilament from the lighting grid on the ceiling….we ran out of wall space. Although the prints swung in the wind and got bumped occasionally, they held up, thank goodness. Bob

      1. Ahhh. That explains why I didn’t see the wires. I noticed that it was getting bumped around, but seemed supported somehow. Was the monofilament anchored the the floor as well? Nifty idea and it makes for a nice effect, if a bit nerve rattling for the photographer.

  2. Bob, It was a great evening and the prints looked great. Pat & I had a wonderful time. All the best to you and Peggy.

  3. I love DeeRosenwald, NewHopeOfficers, Patrick Sculptor, CarolineReEnactor and WashingtonCrossing (did I miss any?).

    Yamashita’s site has so many great images.

  4. Awesome group of photo’s Fr. Bob, look’s like you really enjoyed the project!

  5. Quite a neighborhood you live in…

    Just joking! Nice Work!!!

    1. It is quite a neighborhood….that’s why we like it! Bob

  6. Brad and I and my sister really enjoyed the reception and the images. It was fun to try to match up the attendees with their portraits! Congrats on a nice show!

    1. Renee: It was great to see you there. Thanks for making the trip! Bob

  7. It was a great show Bob. The prints were pristine quality and my wife and I had a blast.

  8. I was more then flattered to be a part of the project. Bob K. made this old beatnik look good. Thnx mch Mr. K

    1. My pleasure, Bob. Thanks for being a part of it! cheers, The Other Bob

  9. Bob:

    Great project. When you first announced it I wrote you about a project that I was coordinating at the college where I teach with our photography instructor. We had his students take portraits of some men who lived at a local homeless shelter. Each portrait includes the personal story of the subject as well as the student’s reflection about the project. It is now at our local library. Here is the article about it that appeared in today’s paper (

    – Chris

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