Night and Day, You are the One….

Photo © Bob Krist

Ah, Cole Porter. The man knew his way around a melody, a sentiment, and a good piece of photographic advice!

I was just about heading out the door for a safari in Tanzania (trying to obey the new rules and going with just one carryon bag….more on that in a later post), when one of my favorite clients, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation, called with a last minute and pressing need for a series of new skylines shot in the morning, from a place that I had previously shot at night (see above shot).

Fortunately, the weather was clear and cold, and I had gifted the contact who let me up here originally with a nice print from the previous session. He remembered me and was happy to arrange getting me up on this same roof before sunrise. Lesson one: be nice, follow through with print promises for folks who help you, because you never know when your paths may cross again.

Lesson two: if a place looks good at sunset, it’ll probably look pretty good at sunrise too! Just remember the words of that photographic sage, Mr. Porter (Cole, not Elliot; although the latter had a lot of good advice too, albeit without the catchy melodies).

Lesson three: Use those JPEG parameters when you’re in a hurry. I always shoot RAW & JPEG, and I’ll work these RAWs up for the client when I get back, but in the meantime, the JPEG below, and others from the D300s in Vivid mode, will tide them over nicely.

Photo © Bob Krist

I was up there for a couple of hours (lesson 4: wear layers, and spring for a quad grande latte at the early opening Starbucks you scouted the night before), shot through the twilight to early sun, shot brackets for HDRs, and made plenty of multiple shots to be stitched into panos….but all that waits till I get back.

In the meantime, the client has a collection of pix that will get them through their most immediate need. And I don’t miss my plane to Africa because I’m doing RAW conversions!

So the blog (not to mention the comments moderation) is gonna be quiet for the rest of the month….unless the Serengeti now features wi-fi….which I kinda hope it doesn’t!

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  1. Fantastic shot again Bob – Stay safe in the Serengeti !

  2. Very nice photographs of an ever-changing skyline. I really like the vibrant colours and crisp definition. The time stamp right in the photograph is nice too (City Hall clock)

  3. Great pics! Can’t fake light like that in post. Have fun in Africa!

  4. Thanks for sharing your beautiful images and sage advice!! Too bad Mr. Porter’s song “Night and Day” wasn’t more aptly named “Dusk and Dawn”. I look forward to seeing your Africa images, too.

    1. Hi Maia: Yes, that would be more descriptive (of my photos) but harder for him to rhyme! Bob

  5. Wow~ it’s great~
    Thank you for your shot~

  6. Bob, Once again I am behind in reading your blogs. Beautiful shots of Philly! Having started my career there it is interesting to see how the skyline has changed. And I loved your Father Bob video in your earlier blog. How did you remember the lines and keep a straight face? Very creative and entertaining! If memory serves me correctly you started as an actor. Are you trying to revive your career in case this photography thing doesn’t work out?

    1. Renee: I don’t think photography or the theater is going to work for me….I tried, though….BK

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