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Photo © David Kay

You don’t often think of the U.S. government when you think of wise persons with perspective, experience, and fundamental good taste. And yet, I know just such a guy, who did Herculean work on behalf of all of us while in the employ of Uncle Sam.

David Kay was a weapons inspector for the UN, and is a very very good photographer. He spoke truth to power during the runup to the Iraq invasion, and since then, he’s retired and taken a seminar or two with me. Honestly, I’ve wanted to pick his brain (he knows what really went on in Iraq and a lot of other places) more than he’s wanted to pick mine (the longer I do photography, the less I know about it).

In fact, I linked to his blog, Trust Your Cape, ages ago.

Anyway, I was reading his always-interesting observations the other day and came across the following passage, which is just about the most cogent sum-up of our current photographic situation as I’ve come across:

Remember the days of Kodachrome 25 or 64 when the shot you took was the shot you got. Sure you could add filters and make variations in EV, but in the end the image that was on the piece of film was the image you were left with. Not today! We are rich in possibilities, have a poverty of time and, perhaps most frightening of all, dependent upon our own visual judgment and tastes.

Damn, if that doesn’t about say it all. I’m glad David is enjoying his photography these days, but I wish he were back in the trenches on our side, because we need guys with his brains and perspective watching our backs (and our fronts) if we’re going to make it through the 21st century…..

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  1. Welcome home Bob, I hope this last Expedition went well. I too miss those Kodachrome films, but not having to juggle with the roll and carrying a gazillion rolls makes me love digital all that more. Not to mention without packing all those rolls I have extra room for your book!

  2. Hi Bob!

    Off topic from the post, but travel relevant…have you tried the Delkin chargers, like this one here at Amazon? It can take 2x EN-EL3’s, or 1x EN-EL3 + 4x AA, etc., on either side. I’m considering one as a way to keep both Nikon and AA batts charged on the road. Battery science is a black magic to me, though.

    Your comments appreciated 🙂

    1. Skunk: I have no experience with this charger, but how bad could it be? Bob

  3. Bob,

    So true about Dave and so true what he says. And he is a good shooter. It’s nice to have him along on our workshop. Small world!

    Take care,

    TBC and Arnie

  4. Very stunning!! And that fountain is to die for!
    Lovely Bob!

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