Oh, the horror, the horror—Going off the grid in the Amazon

"What do you mean I can't Tweet?"

Okay, all you former English majors, if you can name the book, the author, and the character from which the first part of this post’s headline quote appears without Googling, your expensive liberal arts education will not have been in vain.

It still won’t earn you any money, but you will have the undying admiration of another unemployed ex-English major—me.

For you visually literate types (hey, we’re photographers, right? Leave the reading to the writers), I’ll also accept a later movie that used the same quote, and was based roughly on the book. The Nikon-festooned actor in the above pic is a hint.

I’m heading up river, the Peruvian Amazon to be exact. Leaving Friday morning and gone till next Sunday. No email, no blogs, no Tweets, no Facebooks, no cell coverage……oh, the horror, the horror!

It’s almost like old fashioned, 20th century travel; if you went off-the-beaten track in those days, you were really out of touch with everything and everybody.

Actually, the real horror will be if I come back with no good pictures—the rainforest is a bitch to shoot (and travel) in. But if that happens, it will be my fault.

Hang in there, and I’ll have some tales of jungle high jinks in about a week or so.

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  1. I’m going to go with Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness and the character’s name was Kurtz. Best of luck on your trip. I love the smell of rainforest in the morning.

    1. Mark: You’re good…that “love the smell” reference proves it! BK (in transit in Houston).

  2. Hey I live in the rainforest! Be sure you pack your bags full of silica gel to absorb all that moisture! I have a 20kg tub of the stuff. 🙂

    1. Thanks Paul, good idea. Bob

  3. And the visual version is ‘Apocalypse Now’, Marlon Brando’s character. Love your work Bob and thankyou very much for adding such great material to your blog.

    1. Aaron: You guys are good! I’m in Houston on my way south. B

  4. Mistah Kurtz… he dead!

    1. I’m glad I didn’t offer any prizes….you guys are too sharp! Bob

  5. Have fun. The wife and I went “off the grid” up the Mekong from Saigon to Siem Reap on a small boat (with no internet) a couple of years ago. A fantastic trip, but being without internet access for me was a bit like being in the first 10 days of a 28 day program. At first it was hard to get used to but by day nine it wasn’t so bad.


    1. Jack I’m in Houston on my way. By day nine, I’ll be home! Bob

  6. Did you know the opening scene where Martin Sheen kicks the mirror was all improvised and he really cut himself badly? The documentary on the making of Apocalypse Now (called “Heart of Darkness”) is really amazing! And, fun fact, English was Joseph Conrad’s second or third language, and he wrote the novel in English (not translated). I believe Kubrick had to triple mortgage his house in California to finish filming.

    1. Jesse Great to hear from you. Congrats on the new position—read about it in the paper. I didn’t know that about Sheen, but I did read something about Coppolla (not Kubrick) putting all he had money wise into the picture. Hope we can get together soon, Bob

      1. Coppolla, you’re right…didn’t have my notes in front of me! I’m always around these days, so drop a line whenever you’re back, it’d be great to talk shop.

  7. Bob, since no one mentioned it, here I go… the photographer in the picture is Dennis Hopper – his character has no name. And for you trivia buffs, Harrison Ford has a part in Apocalypse Now as well, although few people noticed him at the time even if he had appeared in Star Wars two years earlier.

    A friend of mine will be in Peru early next year. I will tell her to watch your blog!

  8. For Dennis those cameras were more than just props.

    He’s like, like a pretty good photographer, man.

    — RUSS

  9. Bob, I’ve got to back up Jesse’s plug for “Heart of Darkness.” GREAT documentary. Libby and I were spellbound by it. It’s on Netflix.

  10. Bob, as a former (1970) Navy Hospital Corpsman for
    3 PBR River Divisions out of Rach Soi, Vietnam. There were many small scenes in that movies that were true to life.
    I went back to Vietnam in 2004. If you google
    bill lupetti (no capitals) you will see the results of one photograph of that trip that made it around the world.
    Now being a cancer survivor I have the time to go read “Heart of Darkness”. Plus follow your work and blog.

    1. Hi Bill: Glad you’re doing well. Yes, you did stir up some controversy with that picture! Worth more than a thousand words, I’d say! Bob

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