Twilight in CuzcoThe Inca Valley near CuzcoThe Spider, one of the Nazca LinesInca salt flats at MarasRainbow over the mountains near Ollyantaytambo.Rainbow over the old Incan granary in OllyantaytamboFiesta in PunoGirls on Uros Island in Lake TiticacaA young girl and her parents on Lake TiticacaReed boat on Lake TiticacaProcession on Taquile Island in Lake TiticacaOld woman on Taquile Island, Lake TiticacaChild at Chincero MarketMusician near UrumbambaAt the bus stop in OllantaytamboHikers at Machu PicchuLlama at Machu PicchuPotato farmer's handsA woman in outside the cathedral in CuzcoVirgin of the Door dancersVirgin of the Door processionMasked dancers at the Virgin of the Door celebrationFireworks in Cuzco

Photo essay of Peru