Picturing Palouse

Photo © Bob Krist

Off for a bit of R&R with Peggy. We visited her family out in Colorado, and now are making a long lazy loop around the northwest. First stop, the Palouse. I was here 10 years ago with one of my sons, and we had a great time, and made a few decent pictures. This time, the weather is a lot more hot, hazy, and cloudy, so we’ll see…

And of course, this time it’s digital, including some black and white infrared with my Lifepixel-converted D70. I get up early, she sleeps in, we tool around the countryside in the evenings…no assignment, no editors, no pressure, not bad! The area looks like Tuscany, but, um, the food and wine (if you can find wine) are a lot different:-).

Last night on Steptoe Butte (where the picture above was made at sunrise this morning, between passing squalls), I met another photographer named Jack Lien. I recognized his name immediately from my research, because he runs a lot of photo tours here.  He didn’t recognize my name (so he wasn’t being nice out of professional courtesy) but that didn’t stop him from offering a ton of tasty advice on some of his favorite routes in the area.

It’s great to meet such a generous shooter. A lot of people in his position would be guarded, especially since he makes a part of his living showing folks around. Just based on my brief interactions with Jack last night and today at breakfast (we’re in the same motel), I’d bet his photo tours of the region would be first class. If you’re thinking of exploring this photogenic area (and you should, cuz it’s gorgeous!), you couldn’t do better than tagging along with Jack.

We’ll be here another day or so and then on to Montana.  I’ll keep you posted.

Photo © Bob Krist

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  1. Hi Bob! Great IR photos of the Palouse. For some great wines, drop south a bit to Walla Walla – nationally recognized vineyards in that area. More great scenery and Norman Rockwell-esque towns as well.

    1. Hi Greg: Great to hear from you. Actually did stumble across a great place to eat (and drink) last night. But will check out the Walla Walla wines! Hope you are well. Bob

  2. You didn’t call? OK. Fly fishing. I’ll see you at 9 mile on the Madison in the park (Yellowstone). Stop at Bud Lilly’s for directions. I’ll bring the flies. You bring the wine.

    1. Brian: I figured you’d be out shooting some big $$$ corporate gig. We zoomed on down to Salida and then up from there. Catch you next time (which may be sooner than you think!).

  3. Bob You might think about the Olympic Peninsula, so far one of the best years I can remember for shooting here and not far from where you are now. No rain in the rain forest so you can actually see the trees.

    1. Love to Ray, but the plan calls for us to go in the opposite direction! Already in Montana as we speak…more cloudless skies, but so far, at least not too hazy!

  4. Bob,

    You and Peggy should head south. Beautiful cloud skies all around the Tetons.


    1. Bill: Sounds tempting as Glacier is in a forest fire induced haze. B

  5. Hi Bob,

    I just came across your blog and I LOVE it! Not unusual though considering I own your books and have attended a couple of your workshops in Seattle. Hey, I am wondering which IR filter (standard or “deep”) you put in your D70, the photos look really great!


    1. Hi Will: At the time I converted my D70, Lifepixel did not offer a choice. Were I to do it again today, I’d go for the deep red filter option for the most dramatic skies etc. Bob

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