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Along with Rich Kennedy, whom I mentioned in an earlier post, my friend, portrait photographer Arun Paul, was also helping me out during the weekend of pro bono family portraits we did for area military families during my New Hope portrait project. While he was busy helping me with the lighting, the posing etc, he also had his D700 shooting a long time lapse sequence which appears here.

Arun is a multitalented guy—-great shooter, and wonderful musician. He even wrote the music that accompanies the time lapse. It also looks like he did some kind of cool B&W action on the pics in the movie.

We had a great weekend photographing the families, and we were very touched by how appreciative they were. It was win/win all around and I bet I’ll be doing it again in the future….feels too good to stop.

Oh, and speaking of feeling good, Photo Traveler was recently cited by Photography Colleges as number 28 in the Top 100 Travel Photography Blogs. It’s a very interesting list of blogs they’ve assembled and I know I picked up a few more bookmarks just reading through it.

I always wonder about these type of ratings, though. For instance,  the number one rated blog was that of an Austin, Texas family portrait photographer who had no travel photography element to his blog at all, as far as I can see.

But that’s okay.

Last year, in another rating of travel photography blogs, I came in behind a blog called “Olga, The Traveling Bra.” So, clearly, I’m moving up in the world;  from lingerie to family portraits. Next year, who knows, I may come in behind a nice boudoir shooter!

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  1. Sweet! Nice look behind the scenes.


    bob sacha

    1. Bob: Hope to see you in May around our birthdays! Bob

  2. haha – that Austin Photographer would be me. I was a bit puzzled by the rankings too… maybe 30% of my blog is dedicated to travel photos. Nice work by the way, My friend David Wilson sent me your way. I also recently went to Vietnam / Cambodia and it’s amazing for travel photos.

    1. Peter: Congratulations….I didn’t get deep enough into your blog to get to the travel stuff, but I loved what I saw. Cheers, Bob

  3. Bob

    Thank you, and your friends, for doing this. I’m a retired Air Force officer and entered the service at just about the end of the Viet Nam era (1972). Needless to say, military folks were not very popular back then. Instead of being honored with a photo session, we were more likely to be spit on or called a “baby killer.” I cannot tell you how much better the environment is now vs then for these brave warriors. Again, thank you and you associates.

    Well done.


    1. Ken:
      We had a wonderful time meeting all those families and making some images. Some of their stories and experiences were quite powerful. Thank you for your service.


    2. Thanks Ken! And thanks for your service. Bob

  4. Bob, you are far too modest. You came in first in the general travel section. Take a bow!

  5. You get my vote as the World’s Most Compassionate/Helpful/Artistic Travel Photographer. I thought you were joking about Olga, but there she was with her black lace bra. You were #1 in General Travel, though. Where do I vote next year?

    1. Hi Brenda: No, it was a homegrown idea, but it turns out that several groups were doing it and one was sponsored by Fuji and I got them onboard for my little project. It was a lot of fun! Having terrible weather karma in SE Asia, but a good time nonetheless. Bob

  6. The list isn’t in order, it can’t be.

    At least you are accompanied by Gavin Gough, Nevada Wier, Tewiq El-Sawy and Matt Brandon on the list.

  7. What a wonderful way to give back. I will be looking into this. Rick

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