Let’s face it, as a breed, we photojournalist types can be a laughable lot: passionate, self-righteous, and committed as much to our own egos as to our work.

Finally, there’s a site that recognizes that and calls us out on it….hysterically. Called “Shit Photojournalists Like” (a takeoff on the popular “Stuff White People Like” blog),  it is satire at its best.  

Take this entry below on multimedia (Warning: If you are offended by profanity, read no further. As an entry on the site itself points out, photojournalists just love using profanity!). If the type is too small, click on the image to enlarge.


Or here’s another gem about why photojournalists love international travel…ouch!


Ooooohhh, delicious irony! How about this one?


I love this one…the tags are priceless:


Well you get, um, the picture. Check out the site when you need a good chuckle. Just make sure you have a thick skin and a tolerance for salty language!


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  1. Wow. Interesting this is filed under “inspiration”. Really funny and honest esp about us “amateurs”. I have my patients preface their remarks to me with “I’m not a doctor but….” and I think,” Oh, really, I never would have guessed that”. Now when I show my stuff to anyone I will say “I’m not a photojournalist but….”

    Thanks for not being jaded and still wanting to share your expertise with us.


    1. Hi Mike: yeah, the “Inspiration” tag is the closest thing they’ve got until I can get them to add a “satire” or “irony” tag! Hope your Galapagos pix turned out as you hoped!

  2. Absolutely AWEsome. Just the kinda stuff we need every once in a while. Really glad to see your great sense of humor coming through. Thanks.

  3. Okay, I’ll admit it. S!*t Photojournalists Like is my second favorite blog (after this one).

    Hilarious because it’s true. And really how many of us see a little bit of ourselves in it. Rolls of gaffer tape hanging on camera bag? Check. Shooting at f1.2 when f8 would do (even if it means shooting at ISO50 and 1/8000)? Check. Apple fanboy? Check (actually quadruple check.) Cursing like a sailor? Check. (Or is it S!*t yeah!) Mocking Reporters? That’s my favorite thing in the world. More than Thai food, more than opening a new box from Apple, mocking reporters restores my bliss. After all they’re nearly as mockable as photojournalists.

    The only one I take exception to is “Showing Off” As I get older, I carry less. But that’s just me.

    Too funny.


  4. Funny find Bob!

    Hey, I know this is unrelated to your post, but I was wondering has your kit changed much since you last did your “whats in the bag” post? I know you replaced your D90s with D7000s, but otherwise, are you still using the same lenses?

    Also, if so, Can you talk a little bit about why you choose to carry the 85 1.8 rather than the 85 1.4?

    Thanks for any help Bob


    1. Nick: Basically, the kit is the same, with the D7000’s replacing the D90’s. I have both 85’s and when traveling, I value the smaller size of the f/1.8. I’ll work on a new post with the updates….since shooting a lot of video, I’m finding the need for closeups more and more, and may replace the 1.8 with the little Nikon 85mm f/3.5 macro. It’s also tiny and very light and sharp.

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