Take two tablets, but don’t call me in the morning…


I know, everybody’s just quivering about what Apple is going to do with the tablet. I love my Kindle 2 as much as the next guy (probably more—-I really adore that thing for travel), but leave it to the Brits to put the whole tablet thing in perspective and make it easier to swallow!

Watch the video above, and then tell me why it’s better than this, pound for pound, or in our case, dollar for dollar?


Yeah pen-touch interface…you go boy!

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  1. Bob,

    Love the second video! It also brings up a good point at the end. 100% recyclable.

    In addition, you don’t have to worry about dead batteries, outdated hardware/versions, and loss of internet. Plus, the tablet doesn’t work nearly as well for filling empty space in your Christmas gift boxes!


    1. Hi James: Yes, anything that you can use as packing material is just not as sexy as a litup screen! Bob

      1. As an afterthought, the digital version may be a great way for low/no budget photographers and writers to capture a greater audience without the overhead of print and distribution costs.

  2. kindle!?! sigh…

    1. Hi Rebekah: Not to worry, Peggy (and I) still buy lots of books at the store, but the Kindle is easy to travel with, what with the carryon restrictions these days. Hope you are well, Bob

  3. I have an HP TouchPad (multi-touch), and it’s absolutely fantastic … I wish I had bought one earlier. Once you get used to the idea of touching the screen it becomes second nature and, and in my opinion, makes you much more productive in the long run.

    1. Robert: I’ll have to try one! Bob

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