That Camera Takes Great Pictures….

Don’t worry, be happy, take the freakin’ picture!
From Panasonic’s Australian ad agency. Brilliant marketing….and a perfect followup to the Hipstamatic!

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  1. Bob, it’s always been just the camera, don’t ya know. Remember the story about the father and son walking thru a museum looking at Alfred Eisenstaedt’s images. Father approaches Eisenstaedt and asks what camera he uses. AE responds, “a Leica!” Father turns to son and says “I’m going to buy you a Leica so you can take pictures just like Mr. Eisenstaedt.” Technology may change, but perception rarely does.

  2. Terry: I love that story, I used it in my book, Spirit of Place. How’re things in Pittsburgh?

    1. Bob: Doing good out here. Didn’t get much snow, just about an inch. I’m winding down the year with two nice shoots this week, then it’s time to relax, spend time with family and regroup for next year. How about you? Any warm weather excursions coming up?

      1. A gig next month in SoCal, but that’s about it. Learning to love the cold!

        1. Learn to love it for me, too, Bob. I was born in Michigan, educated in Indiana and have lived in PA for 20 years and I still don’t like cold weather. Then again, at this age I can put more cloth on than I can take off in public. Just ordered a Arctic parka the other day. Gonna look like the Michelin man but at least I’ll be warm.

    2. Oddly, that story, or, I should say, your use of it in an OP article I was reading tonight is what lead me here, lol.
      My mom has repeatedly told me it’s not the camera, it’s the person USING the camera. I’m prone to get caught up in the bane of any human, self-criticism. I inevitably critique to the point I have little left in the end. I’ve gotten more where now I go with first impression and avoid ever taking a picture near Lightroom again, if I do I inevitably decide this or that was wrong. Odd to think that some of the photos I have criticized the worst at times are highly viewed by people.

  3. Very clever indeed! (one the flip side, I know photographers that can “smoke” almost anyone with a P&S!)

    Thanks for sharing! This made me smile!

    Happy Holidays to you and Peggy!

    1. Todd: Same to you and yours. It is a clever little piece, isn’t it? cheers, Bob

  4. What the heck is f-stop????

    Do I have to buy this camera to get that desease??


    @Bob: Happy holidays to your family.

  5. I knew it,,I knew it..I knew it. Now I’ll just have to buy a new outfit…Lemme see now A D700 with a 28/300 VR ought help to start.

    1. All Kidding aside, I have found out through many years of experience that from the D series Nikons to the Coolpix line , that a continous adjustment of the of the ‘Nut” immediately behind the viewfinder/LCD is essential in all Things Photographic.

  6. When I was a carpenter no one asked me what brand of hammer I used!

  7. I find it interesting that people think the camera does all the work, yet don’t assume the same thing of a musical instrument. Eric Clapton would make sweet music on the cheapest guitar in the shop and an unskilled musician wouldn’t play any better with the best guitar in the shop.

    When I conduct seminars on improving real estate photography I’ll ask the class, “When you hold up your camera do you often think to yourself ‘I hope this comes out’?” The answer is always a resounding YES. Then I ask, them “Do you think a musician thinks the same thing when they are about to play something?”

    It is then that people start to “get it”. I explain to them that in order to make successful photographs all you need to do is see it in your mind and then make the camera do it.

  8. Well that is what marketers are hired to do, make a product appear to be something you need. “If you want to be a professional photographer with out knowing what your doing buy this camera!”

    I’m surprised the word MEGAPIXELS didn’t pop up in the ad…

  9. Then again, if every one could take amazing photos there would not be much of a need for pros.

  10. That will be a sad day if it ever comes.

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