The Sins of the McNally Shall be Visited Upon the Father…


I don’t know why I let McNally talk me into these things. What can I say? He’s irresistable!

So now I know for sure I’ve got a ringside seat reserved in hell; but at least it’ll be warm….

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  1. Bob, I REALLY needed a rolling belly laugh to begin a new year and new decade! Well done & Thanks to both you sinners.

  2. I loved it, Bob. Lots of humor with a touch of wisdom throw in for good measure.

    Where did you guys shoot that? It must have been cold!


    1. It was in an old church that is being renovated into New Hope’s new town hall. We had permission, but I forgot to check whether or not the heat would be on during the holiday…and it wasn’t!

  3. What an absolute hoot!! Brought a huge smile to my face this rainy morning. Thanks for starting my day off right!!


  4. “Canon-ize” indeed! A curse on both of you!
    More important (I hate “more importantly”) is, what is that outfit you’re wearing? That leather?
    Happy New Year!

    1. George: Leather?! That was a cheap, thin, cold jersey monk’s robe from a costume shop!

  5. I’m with the rest of the folks – hilarious! Great start to a week. Thanks.

  6. I thought that shiny costume looked familiar – got one in my closet – also from a cheap costume shop.

  7. Hilarious! You know it wasn’t so long ago that Canonization was a good thing. But then that Mark III encyclical came out and in the drive for faster everything, it lost its focus (as it were) and now Canonization is a bad thing. Bummer.

    By the way, just how cold was it in that chapel.



    1. Jack: Cold enough to have learned a lesson to make sure the heat is on in any location during the Christmas/New Year’s week! Bob

  8. holy highlights! love it, especially the canonization part 🙂

  9. Bob…Happy New Year.. Today’s blog was hilarious…and a great way to start the New Year.

  10. You guys are having waaaay too much fun.
    Good stuff.

  11. Loved your reaction to being Canon-ized! And you thought I shouldn’t switch? What? Great job as usual!

  12. nicely written Bob – I am assuming you did it.

    1. Arun: The idea was Joe’s and we worked on the script (such as it was) together. We dropped a couple of good lines and neither one of us noticed!

  13. As a professor of Catholic theology, I say, “Well done!” Very amusing way to reemphasize what is important in photography. “You haven’t been massaging have you?” Priceless!

    1. Thanks Chris. We wanted to be irreverent, but not disrespectful! Tough line to walk.

  14. Many thanks to you and Mr McNally for the laughter. I promise not to bill you for the new keyboard I spat tea all over it. Your skit reminded me of an old British sitcom, Fr Ted



    1. Hi Paul: Glad you liked it and that you’re not billing us in pounds for your keyboard, what with the dollar these days. You think we could be the Yank version of Morcambe and Wise?
      Could be a good career move at this point! Bob

  15. Nice job Bob & Joe! This was a great way to begin my day. Kinda takes me back to my own days with the Nuns, Brothers & Priests.
    After the shoot, I hope that the entire crew warmed up at El Taco Loco! I miss that place.

  16. A priest and a photographer walk into a bar…..nah..wouldn’t be as funny as you guys.

    1. Happy New Year, Mike. Bob

  17. Absolutely hilarious Bob. I just got back from my grandmother’s funeral and this was just the tonic I needed! I dunno about the Morcombe and Wise bit though, maybe the two Ronnies!

    1. Paul: Okay the two Ronnies….only if I get to be the tall one…was that Ronnie Barker or Ronnie Corbett? My knowledge of British comedy teams (a rare specialty for a Yank, you have to admit!) only goes so far! Hope 2010 is good for you. Bob

      1. Aha my one claim to fame is that Ronnie Barker was my great uncle! But yes I gotta admit that not many of my American friends know much about Uk humour until a US version comes out. Although I’m betting you boys love Monty Python.

  18. Great. Amusing and ingenious. Love to see the bloopers from that. Can’t believe you kept a straight face through it.

  19. Simply delightful. Thank you for making me laugh so hard!

    Another Catholic School refugee

  20. But you could qualify to be Nikonized……

  21. If your character had been responsible for bringing the snacks to this video shoot, would he be the “chip-monk?”

  22. That was absolutely hilarious. Nice plug for the “Moment It Clicks.”

  23. Bob – we met in Denver at an NG class you taught. Great video and very entertaining. I especially liked the exhaling smoke part!

    1. It was easier than breathing fire and brimstone!

  24. jaja, this is so great. I´m totally using this to explain the importance of the histogram.

    1. Hi Michele: We’re receiving paying offers not to do more:-). Hope you’re well! Bob

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