The wearin’ o’ the Red, White, and Blue….and Green

Photo © Bob Krist

It was a glorious St. Patty’s Day in NYC this week….I, for one, had no idea that that many bagpipes and kilts existed on the whole planet, let alone on a forty block stretch of Fifth Avenue.

It was a lovely sunny day, creating killer contrast for shooters to deal with (look for the shade, look for the backlight!), but nothing but good vibes and comfortable marching conditions for the hundreds, maybe thousands (I swear, it felt that way), of marching bands.

The parade is as much about New York’s Finest and New York’s Bravest—-the police and the fireman—as it is about a Celtic saint. There’s a lot of heritage intertwined there, and if you think it’s been diluted over the years, well, just show up on Fifth Avenue any given March 17th and see for yourself.

The NYPD is so totally cool and professional handling these things and even near the end of the day, when a scuffle broke out among some young bucks in the low 40’s who enjoyed a bit too much of the green suds, they handled the situation with efficiency and aplomb.

It all happened behind me as I was photographing, but I felt it before I saw it, because I got winged with a bottle tossed by one of the scuffling celebrants. Thankfully, it was a full plastic bottle of Poland Springs mineral water, and not a fifth of Jamesons or Bushmills, so I’m upright and here to tell you about it.

I’m glad the lads had the good sense to toss the mixer, but keep the good stuff close at hand. Otherwise, I might have been in the ER instead of ready to leave on my six week odyssey.

Oh, and I spotted at least one shooter who was totally in the moment, and using the right brand camera to boot!

Photo © Bob Krist

I’ll be back at you from Africa in a few days.

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  1. Isn’t that Moose Peterson? Heh-heh!!

    1. I don’t think Moose would be seen in any green but camouflage green and certainly not with a DX camera:-). BK

      1. The lens is a little on the small side too!

      2. The thing I love about Moose is the fact that he was one of the first to totally embrace digital, DX notwithstanding. But yeah, totally goofing… he’d at least have a D700! ;^}

  2. no, moose doesn’t look that good, just kidding moose

  3. He’s obviously testing one of the new rumoured 3D Nikon cameras. Just look at his glasses!



  4. I was in that Parade as well, got surprise to see so many Irish together :). That was my first time in NYC, unfortunately I was facing the back of the marching bands, so all of my pics were taken with the sun in my face and pointing to the side and backs of them. But I was happy to try my new 18-200 and 12-24 in my D40x.

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