Twilight in Vegas–a video tutorial

I’m in Chicago on a shoot, and one of the things I’m doing is a lot of skyline and twilight work. Which reminded me of a shoot in Las Vegas (personally, I’d take Chicago any day, but that’s the stuff of another entry)  I did a while ago for the Epson Academy series. It’s an excerpt from a longer section on film scanning, hence the use and reference to film as well as digital.

But no matter, the information is applicable to either medium.  Twilight is one of my favorite times to shoot because it’s basically weatherproof: if it’s clear or cloudy, at twilight, that sky will go a nice blue.  It’s a great time for shooting skylines, streetscenes, lighted monuments, campfires….anyplace where you have a mix of artificial light sources along with daylight.  Please, no comments about my lousy jokes, waving hands, and grammatical stumbles…I’ve heard them all from my wife already!

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  1. Hi Bob, nifty lens collar:turning the lens in the collar adds to the tripod stability by staying centered on top of the column vs. off center. What brand is it? Ron

  2. Hi,
    excuse me for saying so , but on that altitude a flash wouldn’t make a difference??i remember las Vegas and you are right you do not need a flash there :-)and like Ron i like to know the brand. greetz from Spain.. Piet

  3. Hi Bob,
    Love your blog. I am going to be visiting Las Vegas this month. Where are you shooting the strip from? Is it a public location?



    1. Hi Krishna: It’s a terrace of a private club in the Mandalay Bay.I forget the name, but it’s basically for their high rollers. If you’re a high roller, they may let you in, but for that Epson video, we were charged a hefty location fee. But you can go to the other end of the Strip, and there’s the sky tower or whatever it’s called, and that’ll give you a nice overview. BK

      1. Thanks Bob. I am not a high I will have to try shots from the Stratosphere or Eiffel Tower. Appreciate your quick reply. 🙂

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