Yo, Guido! You goin’ down the shore??


Oh, my poor New Jersey; state of my birth, view out my back window. Getting slammed again by the mainstream media (MTV—yes, don’t kid yourself, it’s totally mainstream) in the form of yet another reality show depicting garden variety, Garden State stereotypes. First, it was the horrible harridans of Ho Ho Kus in Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Now, it’s Guidos and Guidettes going to the beach in Jersey Shore, premiering this week on MTV.

Already, there are anti-defamation groups calling for the show to be pulled. If those groups happen to be from Jersey themselves, you know they’re gonna make it happen because, um, they’ll know where the kids of the MTV execs go to private school and, well…..I’m just sayin’, is all.

Of course,  I can “just say” because I am a born and bred Jersey boy. We’ll slam our own state, thank you very much. We don’t need no metrosexual, Viacom suit who commutes to Manhattan from Park Slope to do it for us.

I’m not going to say that the Shore doesn’t have its fair share of Jersey stereotypes, but if you’d like a more balanced view of this fascinating, oft-maligned region, you couldn’t do better than picking up one of these:

DownTheShorestilllife copy
Photo © Bob Krist

Now, I don’t want to put any ideas in MTV’s head, but if they bought one of these fine volumes for everybody in the afflicted anti-defamation groups, wouldn’t that be a wonderful PR gesture (and, er, by “PR,” I mean public relations) during this holiday season?

In fact, they should probably buy a copy or two for every member of the cast and crew and anyone else even remotely associated with the production (and get some for those New Jersey housewives over on Bravo too, while you’re at it).

What’s that you say? Isn’t that my book? Why yes, as a matter of fact it is! Aren’t I blowing my own horn?

Naw, I’m just sayin’ is all…..

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  1. Bob,

    From Jersey City to Belmar in a 1951 Studebaker Commander with the suicide doors and barely a clutch. But it could sleep two on the rear seat. That was goin’ down the shore back in 1960’s. Wish I had a camera back then…

    1. Richard: Yeah, my dad talks about a time when there were only a few bungalows between Point Pleasant and Seaside Heights! The good old days…BK

  2. Jersey’s new state motto:

    Taxes, Toxins and Tolls

    the only state that charges you a toll to LEAVE…

    1. Jesse: I like the other motto that was proposed in a “replace the state motto” contest in NJ Monthly a while ago:

      New Jersey: Only The Strong Survive!

  3. I’ve been to New Jersey, including the Shore. So please have them add me to the list!

    1. Jeffrey: Will do, but I don’t think MTV execs read my blog so don’t hold your breath! Bob

  4. Shameless self promotion and a great lead in, I love it. Where, do I find the book?

    1. Hi Perry: click highlighted link on “one of these” in the post. It gets you right to Amazon! Bob

  5. Another quality program from the MSM – in this case, MTV, to milk the stereotype all the way to the bank !!

    I’d go for your book anyday

  6. the cover of that book looks pretty darn good Mr. Krist

  7. I got a copy of this book – its really interesting and visually stimulating. Perusing it gave me lots of ideas for my next trip down the shore.

    1. Thanks Jim, appreciate the kind words. Bob

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