Yo! You guys gonna be in Jersey on the 13th?

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Yeah, what exit? Cuz it’s the return of the prodigal son. That’s right, me. Born in Jersey City, raised in Guttenberg and then Fort Lee (where the Sopranos only wished they could live). I’m comin’ back to bond with my peeps May 13 at the NJ chapter of the American Society of Media Photographers salon at Unique Photo in Fairfield (hey, look it up….whaddoo I look like? A Google map?).

We’re gonna talk turkey, like how not to starve to death in the current economic climate, but we’re gonna lookit a lot nice snaps too. Gonna be fun, educational, and I think, basically, free. (For ASMP members, that is. The general public? Well, you gotta buy a $20 ticket, but then, all mysterious-like, you get a $20 gift certificate in return….is that beyootiful or what? Just don’t axe no questions that don’t involve, you know, fertography, and everything is cool.)

My “honorarium” (nudge, nudge, say no more!) is goin’ right to the ASMP Legal Action fund—the one last pure outlet for your dues dollars (and my speaking fees) to fight those @#$%&**###@@!’ing copyright claim jumpers and “Fair Use” eggheads from the “copyleft.” (Hey, if I had a trust fund, I might be all for “Fair Use”  too).

But noooooo, I gotta still sell pitchers to eat, so “f” Lawrence Lessig and all his Stanford cronies who want my content for free so they can “sample” it at will to keep their tenured positions at overpriced private colleges (and I speak from experience, havin’ put several kids through them).

Wait, am I being too harsh?…. Yeah?….So what!

Cry me a river…..Waaaaaaaah! (as Artie Lange, another one of my Jersey brothers, might say).

But seriously, it’s gonna be fun…..

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  1. A Man’s gotta do what’s e gotta do. (o dats bad)

  2. Wo Wo you certainly got into character there Bob !

    1. Watched too many Soprano reruns on the long flight back from Tanzania…got Tony on the brain.

  3. Bob,
    Ya still got a ways ta go befor youse prefect dat Joisey accent. Wadda ya say to dat.
    Welcome home.

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