You Look Different, Did You Change Your Lack of Hair?


Well, I’ve gotten more than a few emails asking me “what’s up with the new look of the blog, and what’s with all the unrelated and out of order posts?”

I would have given you guys a heads up that I was throwing my hat in with the folks at Pixiq in an effort to be able to continue spending as much time blogging as I have been without having to moonlight as a cab driver to pay for bandwidth and food, but the “porting” of the blog happened while I was in Africa and a little ahead of schedule. 

We’re giving this a try as the new home of the blog. It works out better for me, and I think, once you get used to the new look, that you’ll find a lot more information from a ton of great sources here. 

As for the excerpts of my book that are getting posted, not to worry, that’ll wind down. The Pixiq folks were concerned that in my absence in West Africa, there wouldn’t be enough fresh content coming in.  So you’re getting some nice swaths of my last book….free! Yes, I may have changed the gear in my bag since that book was written, but most of the other info is evergreen.

I’ve got the blogroll of my links back up, and true, you can’t jump directly to my listings of seminars and workshops (we’re working on that), but, er, not a lot of folks did that at the old blogsite, so I figured it’s no great loss:-).

I’m still learning the new template, and I expect that there’ll be some gaffed posts until I figure it out (software genius that I am). But hang in there and you’ll get the same Photo Traveler bullsh…,er, I mean, wisdom you’ve been used to.



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  1. Hi Bob:

    Love the new site. For some reason, in the last few weeks, your old site wouldn’t allow me to view it from home (connection would time out).

    I see you’re already leading the pack of contributors. Congratulations!

    Keep up the great work.

  2. Oh, come on Bob, there is no travel photography bullsh- although some of the new breed’s (fix it in photoshop)creed, does, in fact, resemble the night soil of an ox.

  3. Bob – I am a regular visitor and for a second I thought I was somewhere else, but I do like the new format. Look forward to reading a lot more.

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